Market 418: SZ 00051 at RM in Monaco

Update 5/16/12: This car sold for 257,600 Euro’s or about $340,000.  I would be tempted to call this a bargain.  With supplies this limited, and nearly the usability of a modern car, these can’t help but get more expensive.

Giulietta Sprint Zagato 10126*00051, 00120*00175.  This SZ is going to be auctioned by RM on May 12th along side some other interesting Giulietta’s.  Auction estimate is €240,000 – €280,000, ‘only’ about 3 times what a top SS goes for at auction, where SZ’s used to be 10 – 12 times more expensive.  If you don’t believe SS values are in a bubble, then you should consider SZ’s a bargain, since they only made about 200 of them.  I don’t know SZ’s like I do Sprints, but this car looks good to me.

Does indeed look amazing.  It’s important to remember that while a lot of the mechanical parts are in common with some other Giulietta’s, the coachwork has to be restored or hand-made replaced and most of these cars saw a decade of hard use before becoming desirable collectors items.  Note the jack point covers in aluminum.  Nice touch.

There’s a certain austerity to the SZ.  It really is a simple, sculpted by the wind shape, a sort of minimum enclosure for a minimal racer that achieved much.  Someday…

Zagato had a program.  If you look at many of the contemporaries of the SZ you will find similarities in the shape and approach to losing weight, streamlining and raw functionality.  The Appia Zagato, Simca, Fiat 750 and others come to mind.  Steering wheel and column are common to the SS -not much else is.

Then again, for a purpose built racer, the level of finish was very high and a measure of comfortableness was maintained.  Nice gauges.

Arguably the best engine of it’s generation in it’s class.  Looks just right.

The vin.


5 thoughts on “Market 418: SZ 00051 at RM in Monaco

  1. My old car & looks better than when I found it & left it, I am happy to say, in fact it looks new! Fuller story on SZ Yahoo groups!

    • Where/when did you have it and what is it’s story? Did it have any race history or was it a gentleman’s plaything?


  2. As usual, after one of your neat Alfa auction/sale announcements, I am running out to purchase a lottery ticket. A fella cam dream, not so?

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