Market 314: Giulietta SS Lownose 10120 00061 in aluminum

Update 5/15/12:  On the hammer this car sold for $195,804!  The low end of the estimate, but, it’s easy to spend other peoples money… I’d have sweated every dime. Not a bad purchase price for a nearly unique car.  Someday I’ll be in the running for cars like this -off to get a lotto ticket!

Update 4/21/12: Big money car needs a big money venue -so without further fooling around, this car is now being run through an RM auction in Monaco this May. Expected sale price $185,000 – $235,000. Not bad for what may well be one of the ‘best of breed’ SS’s. I sure want it!  Stuart- thank you for alerting me to this auction.

Could be you!  I like the gold tinted wheels.  Stellar.

Update 8/22/11: Elmar once again has me after this carHere it is with much better pictures and a higher price.  Maybe the best SS I’ve seen.

Wow wow.

Update 6/13/11: Elmar emailed me to tell me this is Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00061, that it is in biancospino and that the asking price is 125,000 Euro’s.  Not a bad price for a very rare car!  The fact that it is a late Low-nose and in aluminum creates more questions than it answers.

Dan sent me a note alerting me to this cars availability.  It’s in Italy and very little information is included in the listing but it does look nice!  It is estimated that there are half a dozen or less aluminum SS’s, the ‘Spinta’ show car and cars 00004, 00005, 00007, and 00009 are listed as such by the archives in Arese, though it is believed that 00009 was rebuilt as an SZ.  I say estimate because the details of some other early cars are unclear.  Thank you Laurence for the notes about these rare cars!

Might be a trick of the light but it looks to be off-white.  An aluminum low nose SS is probably the ‘holy grail’ to several enthusiasts. On t


12 thoughts on “Market 314: Giulietta SS Lownose 10120 00061 in aluminum

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  2. My car was homologated chassis 10120 00061 ASI (Italian historian Automotoclub) in 1979 as the aluminum version. It ‘a vehicle used for different races with gentlemen drivers Roland Boni, Brescia, Italy Gianfranco Rovetta, and has its original Italian. The price is 165000 euros.
    If anyone is interested my e mail is:

  3. yes … the car was finished in July 2011 to restore, and is now on sale … has been totally renovated by a renowned restorer of northern Italy by Alfa Romeo Giulietta, is running out and that I also restored the Giulietta SZ 10126 00051

  4. I’ve got the car since 1994 and is approved by ASI (Italian historian Automotoclub) since 1987, when I bought it was red, but under average conditions, and in 1999 I started to restore it fully maintaining the original pieces of aluminum, while the nose has been completely rebuilt as a result of numerous repairs made

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