Market 417: Nice 1600 Spider 374485

Update 7/1/12:  $29,200 is good money for one of these late cars.

Giulia Spider 1600 10123*374485. This car is on eBay right now out of Scottsdale Az.  Condition is very good, not quite fancy auction fodder, but headed in that direction.  Short comings include the black engine compartment and trunk floor as well as some non originality in the interior such as mirror and shift knob.  It’s a good car that gets such minor criticisms.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve seen this scene so much it’s like dejavu.  Trim and paint looks great, shut lines are excellent and he lawn is sinfully green for a desert yard.

Black or shadowed rockers?  Really nice car.

Mirror is not original -looks vaguely like a 72 GTV item.  Carpets appear to be original.  Gauges are nice and clear.

I feel like I’ve written about this car before, the way the trunk looks.  Brother of George should have this license plate.  Euro lenses.

Tidy, but unremarkable.  I like a well detailed underside.  Oil pan is very clean and the whole lot is dry -good signs both.

Engine is said to be not original and unmarked -did they check the exhaust side near the bell housing?  I can’t tell if the underside of the hood is lined with shiny stuff or painted glossy black.  Not bad except for the black firewall and incorrect valve cover…

These 1600 Spiders are in some ways the least of the family, and in other ways the best.  Lots of fuss-free drive-ability on the slow end and yet pretty capable on the spirited side of things.  I bet if they only made 900 of them they would be lauded.  I suspect this car will be a good buy.


2 thoughts on “Market 417: Nice 1600 Spider 374485

  1. Hi Matt,

    Love your blog, keep up the good work. I am writing form Australia so you have some context about some of the questions – we never got these early ALFAs when they were new. This Giulia looks reasonable – how critical is the “unoriginal engine” do you think? Do you know of any inspection type services where someone can get a car like this looked at? Locally we have motoring associations that offer this type of service but to be honest don’t understand these types of cars.

    Finally curious about your comments that these Giulia’s are “in some ways the least of the family”…..not sure I follow.


    • Hi,

      There are usually collector car outlets in major cities that will do inspections. I have done a few inspections over the last few years -would probably cost about $700 to have me do it. I could fly down and back the same day.

      Unoriginal engine only matters if it matters to you, but from a purely investment perspective -you are always going to be explaining it and it will always take a slight hit from top dollar. That said, there is no definitive source where you can match a chassis to an engine number for these late 101’s so theoretically you could get an 00112 block in the right range for the cars vin (not hard to do), build it, drop it in and no one would be the wiser -except that I just published it in connection with this vin for the world to see.

      As far as ‘the least’ comment -the late 1600 Normale’s are, as far as I can tell, the most common of the 101’s, and least valuable. Guys will talk about the ‘purity’ of the early cars etc etc, and this implies a lack of purity? I don’t know -just opinions really. If you want a study in ‘purity of original’ look at Karmann Ghia VW’s or GTV’s for that matter. The later ones aren’t loved any less, they are just less expensive and for me anyway, less exciting.

      I hope this helps, you guys down there are an enthusiastic bunch, and I am happy to see so much interest from there.

      email me off the comments section if you want to chat in depth about this car. sprints @


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