Market 409: Spider 750D 03629 -Clean

Update 7/1/12: This car did pretty well, selling for $37,500 -a mere $1000 less than their initial asking.

Update 4/23/12: This car has been listed on eBay. I suppose I should buy it so I have two red Giulietta’s with black paint below the rocker trim. Anyone care to guess what price the auction will end at?  Looks like Marina green in San Francisco -but Laurence will know for sure.

Picture above is a little more pro.  Looks very nice.

Original post 3/29/12: Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*03629, 1315*43387.  This car is offered by CarPlanet out of the San Francisco bay area for $38,500.  Car is in well loved and nicely taken care of condition with some low priority little improvements that can be done when the new owner chooses.  Overall finish is average, but a complete, dry, runner seems to be worth more than the sum of its parts.

Looks like a nice example.  Everything fits well and has an alluring sheen.  Black painted rockers can be a clue that rust repairs have been done, so check carefully if that scares you -I’m not saying it has rust, just pointing out what I think when I see black painted rockers.

Washington plates -it rusts up there – be careful.  These look like recent issue, and there’s an active enthusiastic Alfa community so maybe no worry.  Nice trunk fit!  Radio blank is crooked.

Trunk corner looks a bit sketchy – might just be surface.  Ask for a picture with the mat lifted and battery out.  Paint in here is probably original.

This looks fine, but a magnet will say for sure how healthy it is under the black.  The underside structure is solid.

Gauges have clear lenses and are some of the better examples I’ve seen on a car.  Wrap on steering wheel?  Probably has cracks.  New center carpet looks to be just dropped in.  Glove box liner is peeling.

Purposeful and tidy, but easily improved.  Someone needs to make DGV to original style filter canister adapter.

A proper build plate -there are pictures of the body and engine numbers in this cars set.

If you want a turn key car to improve, this could be for you.


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