Market 414: SS 381122 ‘Boy Racer’ in Germany

Update 4/27/12: No sale at $47,000. Would you have sold?

Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*381122Marty hipped me to this car  on eBay out of Germany right now that’s currently sitting at a comical $6100.  Body is in good shape if the shiny paint doesn’t hide any problems.  It has been gutted and set up for weekend racing and as such has a lot of shortcomings as a contender on today’s SS market.  Engine is not correct, nor are seats and some other stuff.  Wouldn’t be a shame to do with this as you will since it’s already altered quite a bit.  Wasn’t someone looking for a good SS to turn into a race car??

I wonder what the story is?  I am thinking this car is from when an SS was a $18,000 car and it was a parts donor for another better one.  Body looks really good.  Seller claims no rust -lets hope so.  Germany has VERY strict rules about how fit cars are to be on the road, so if it’s road registered it’s probably pretty good.

looks like the lip at the edge of the rear panel has been shaved.  License plate lights appear to be BMW 2002 units.  Door shut lines are almost invisible.

What’s that red and white sticker on the back?

Underside is good if this area is any indication. 

While useful for racing or whatever, I still find these floor treatments hideous.  Sorry.  Dash looks decent.

Lots of not original back here, but the panels can all be home made to cover this area.  Seats are GT seats circa 1967.  I have a set of original SS seats a guy has asked me to sell if anyone is interested in this car and wants them.  Not cheap, but… well, not expensive compared to the price of an SS these days.

Lots of fun little jobs to do in here.  Carbs appear to be Dellorto’s.  Disk brake canister.

The vin so no one doubts my numbers when I’m gone.

Seats can be had.  Bumpers are included if the description is accurate.  An 00121 engine is not the end of the world to find.  Intake components are specific to the Giulia SS and as such very difficult to source, but again, not the end of the world to find.  What’s this worth if the rusty one of earlier this week is worth $60,000?


8 thoughts on “Market 414: SS 381122 ‘Boy Racer’ in Germany

  1. This will test your theory about whether eBay is the viable way to sell these (or not). Six and a half days remaining, already $21,000.

    Aaaaand- THEY’RE OFF!!

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