Market 341: Nice Giulia Sprint in San Diego

Update 4/27/12: Seller sent me an email informing me that this car has sold for full asking price.

Update 4/12/12: This car is available again for the new asking price of $49,700, quite a bit more than it was when it first entered the market.  Detailing is thorough and some small problem areas have been fixed.  There have been some stellar examples of these late 1600 Sprints on the site over the years (see here for one) that have failed to sell for much, but maybe it’s a case of ‘that was then’ -after all the highest priced SS from the same time was a little over $60K.  Bravo for a an extremely well put together presentation.

Update 12/17/11:  Seller has been swamped with interest so the price is being rethought.

Giulia 1600 Sprint 10112 356435.  Kip informed me this car is available now from Motoring Investments in San Diego.  Color combo is great and the car appears to be in fantastic condition.  If it’s as good as it looks, it’s a bargain at $XXXXX and wont last.  You don’t see these 1600 Sprints very often.

I love these in Celeste blue.  Body looks fantastic.  Trim looks as good as the body and everything else looks as good as the trim.  If I had money to spend on a car I’d be on the phone right now (paying off my VW Jetta Wagon ;^)).

Very very clean.  No complaints on anything back here except the cheesy license plate frame and big decal.  Easy to remedy in both cases.

Gray seats with blue interior is a little odd, but works for me.  Door panels, dash etc all look really good.

Rear view is an earlier style mirror like my car has -this car should have the chrome frame.  Doesn’t really detract and I think the item shown here is worth more.  Unapologeticly nice.

New this was supplied with a Solex.  No one in their right mind would mind the change to dual side-drafts.  These guys know how to detail a car and handle a camera.  Under-hood lining is probably not correct.  Looks like the sort that Spiders came with.  Sprints didn’t have the quilt stitching.

The right clamp on the right duct on the right color car.  A positive ID.

More numerology for you Alfa lineage wizards.  You do have to glue the dip-stick tube in -I did it on Friday on a friends car.  I used JB Weld -hopefully not a problem in years to come.

Seller describes it thus: “This is a very well preserved car with exceptionally well documented history back to new. An excellent driver, it has the usual “Alfa Syncro” trait on 2nd and 3rd and there is a wee bit of corrosion underneath at the periphery, not horrible and way better than the typical 50 year old Alfa survivor type car.”  I’d check the periphery and if it looks okay, write a big check.


5 thoughts on “Market 341: Nice Giulia Sprint in San Diego

  1. wow, very nice indeed,if i already just hadn’t… after doing a bit of research on my car, could this car perhaps be bianco nube instead of celeste?

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