Market 261: 1600 Spider 10123 375767 in Idaho (was in Buffalo)

Update 7/1/12: Seller has commented that this car has sold and is happy with the sale price.

Update 4/11/12: 18 months later this car turns up in VERY nice shape on eBay with a respectable $62,000 buy it now price.  List of work done reads like a wish list for my car.  Goes to show that even when you start with an excellent car there is a lot to do to make it ‘right’ if that’s your aim.  If you read the original ad below I mention that it had a Sprint seat adjusting knob and that I had an extra Spider one -I sold it to this seller, so a humble part from my stash is incorporated here.

Very nice Kevin!  Don’t know that eBay is the right place to list this, but it’s amazing to see the transformation.  Unusual perspective this.

“This car was purchased about two years ago then underwent an extensive restoration over the past 18 months. The engine in the car when purchased is a Veloce motor (AR00121.01792) that had been rebuilt. 


-Body taken to bare metal where we experienced very little rust. Any repairs were made with metal not filler
-Correct red for the period applied in multiple coats with wet sanding in between then clear coat applied.
-Wheels were stripped and coated with correct color silver epoxy paint
-The top was disassembled and the frame painted with black epoxy
-New cloth top was fitted
-Engine bay and trunk are immaculate  
-The underside of the car is as clean as you can get with new tinted bed liner/undercoating applied (better than typical undercoating)
-The inside floors and firewall are also coated with red bed liner/undercoating for sound deadening.
-All cables replaced
-All new rubber gaskets around tail lights, headlights, badges etc. from Italy
-Brand New Vredestein tires 165 x 15 (as a result the wheel wells are more full).
-Windsheild wiper motor cleaned and works well
-All chrome is in excellent condition 
-Fuel tank disassembled throughly cleaned and restored
-New fuel tank strap felt


-Seats are hand selected black leather with red piping and new foam inserts
-Italian wool carpets from Reoriginals
-New gauge faces
-Gauges refurbished and calibrated (tach makes a ticking noise on low RPM’s)
-Steering wheel polished 
-New wiring harness from Auto Italia Sportiva
-New rubber floor, under tire and trunk mats from Italy
-New leather top tie down straps
-Red vinyl appropriately placed under and behind seats
-Spare tire clip and new Vredestein tire
-Hush mat under rubber mats for additional sound deadening
-Heater cleaned and painted
-All switches and lights work
-Dash chrome has some slight pitting
-New seat belts
-All new heater piping
-All new fresh air tubing in engine bay

Engine & Transmission

– Veloce engine AR00121.01792 Rebuilt previous to my purchase.
-All Veloce parts that could be found have been installed. The plenum cover is not correct for this model year. 
-Dual Weber DCOE 40 carburetors
-New high output Dynalite alternator looks correct for car
-New headers and complete exhaust system
-Transmission previously restored with engine
-New plugs and silicone wires
-New NAPA battery with Marelli sticker
-Radiator fully restored

Suspension and brakes

-New Koni shocks and Centerline springs which lowered car about 1/2″ from stock
-New oversized sway bar and bushings
-Brakes have plenty of life and were not replaced.
-Brake lines replaced
-Suspension stops replaced front and rear

Issues that I’m aware of are the pitting in the dash chrome, ticking low RPM tachometer, incorrect plenum top. I’m sure some Alfista will find a few other things but great care has been taken to restore the car and insure that it is correct with the exception of replacing the Veloce engine with a Normale engine. The Veloce engine as it sits is worth upwards of $15000 as the 00121 numbered engines are quite rare. If one wanted to replace the Veloce engine, Normale engines are readily available, then you could sell the Veloce engine or use it for a Veloce project. 

The car starts up well and runs like it just came from the factory. The extra horsepower from the Veloce engine really gives it a boost, along with the dual Webers. I have four other Alfa’s (all Veloces) two of which are currently being restored so I need some room. I don’t think you could find an  Normale or Abnormale with a Veloce engine in this good of shape anywhere. It’s truly stunning and it’s all done and ready to drive. More pictures available upon request.

Sold as is where is. No refunds. You are welcome to have it inspected or inspect yourself. I can help arrange transport. 

Thank you for looking.”

Update 9/21/10: 38 bids resulted $26,211, not bad at all.

Giulia Spider 1600 10123*375767.  This pretty darn nice 1600 Spider is on eBay right now out of Buffalo New York.  Car was restored ten years ago and it still looks great.  Check it out.

Very nice with nothing to complain about.  Valence seems to be hanging down more on the drivers than passenger side, may be a trick of the light.  Hood fit is really good.

Wow -really straight body work on the side.  Wheel is Borrani and seems to require a lot of weights to balance.  Mirror is later 105 style.

Lookin’ good.  No plate?  Window of the top is nice and clear.

Interior doesn’t need anything serious, drivers seat has a Sprint adjustment knob, passenger a Spider one.  I have a Spider extra in my pile.  Mirror needs resilvering.

Gauges are great.

This is an NSU German build plate -not sure how much they did to the cars.

The seller doesn’t give any indication what all went into the engine but obviously something since it has dual Weber carbs and front bolt tabs on the valve cover.  Is that a 1300 manifold?

There are 24 bids on this car with 6 hours, 18 minutes left and it’s already $21,000 -a good sign.  Will be interesting to see where it ends.


6 thoughts on “Market 261: 1600 Spider 10123 375767 in Idaho (was in Buffalo)

  1. I actually know the engine builder of this car. It has a 1600 block and liners that were bored out for 1750 pistons. It goes. The builder is an old Italian machinist Alfisti who knew what he was doing. He wasn’t too concerned with the little details like seat knobs and correct mirrors. But his engines do run!

  2. Hello, I’m the guy who bought this car and I’m new to the Alfa world. Would love some help with parts suppliers to get this car as correct as possible. I own a 1967 Austin Healey 3000 fully restored this year by BMC Philadelphia, parts are pretty easy to find for it but the Alfa parts seem a bit more illusive.

    Thought I would buy this car to tinker with. I’m having difficulty finding suppliers for correct mirrors knobs etc. for this Alfa. Taking delivery next week. Many thanks for any help. Kevin

  3. Thanks Matt. Thought I would give eBay a try. It really turned out great. I loved the process and seeing it take shape, along with meeting a lot of really nice people that helped along the way. Bought four more as a result, 65 SS black plate, 59 Spider Veloce and a 60 Sprint Veloce and just recently a 72 GTV to race with Sovern. Wait until you see the restorations on the SS and Sprint, they will be spectacular. Holding off on the Spider for a couple of years.

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