Market 411: Sprint 750B series 1, no vin

Update 7/1/12: Why didn’t I buy this !?!?

Giulietta Sprint 750B. 
This car is on eBay right now out of Alamo Ca from a classic car dealer who seems to have set up shop there recently.  Alamo is an old, affluent town near me and probably home to a lot of good cars like this waiting to be unearthed.  This car has the 7″ lights, the first series body style and is not a Veloce so it’s vin number is in a pretty limited range.  I asked the seller if the Bertone body number was intact -will report what they say.  How do you register a car with no vin?  Not sure.

One wonders where it was hiding.  Body looks great on the outside.  Trim isn’t too bad for a rough project.  I like it!

Back looks good too.  You can’t use the black plate without a vin to match it to -it’s just a prop.

I wonder what the rattle can primer was sprayed over?  This side is as clean as the other.

This looks like original paint in the trunk.  That hook sticking through the trunk mat is the spare tire hold down hook.  The original lid prop is just visible in the top of the picture.

Gauges have only lightly yellowed trim rings.  Steering wheel has the usual crack in the usual place.  Windscreen washer pump is visible below the steering column between the left wheel spoke and turn signal lever.

Upholstery except for the seat covers is original and seller says it has the protective plastic it was shipped with still on it.

Engine compartment is the usual.  It’s odd they don’t have a picture of the area where the vin would be.

Judging by the patches visible here, I’m going to guess someone was trying to put a small block Chevy V8 or some other more “trouble free” engine.

Look for a pretty good end price for what it is.  There are plenty of rotten vin donors out there…


5 thoughts on “Market 411: Sprint 750B series 1, no vin

  1. “If it was me I’d call APE and see if they would sell me one of the vin chunks they have form a car they cut up in the past. I’ve seen them -they have them.” Is such action Legal? Call me if you ever need legal defense when you get busted.

    • I couldn’t say whether it’s legal or not. I suppose it has to do with why it is being transplanted. If neither vehicle is stolen and the registration outcome is the same -who cares? You can graft a front end, or back end or any other section, isn’t it just grafting a body onto a vin? I know… logic never had much to do with what is legal. Will bother you if ill comes of it. Doubt my one-horse-town of a site will cause a problem.

    • Sellers swears up and down there is no vin. It’s got a very reasonable buy it now listed. If I didn’t just have a baby boy…


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