Market 410: Spider Veloce 750F 06681 in NL

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*06681, 1315*32551. Henrik made me aware of this project Spider available in the Netherlands from Strada e Corsa.  No price is mentioned, nor is there any indication whether it has its original engine, but it looks okay if you’re into this sort of project where every nut bolt and washer needs attention.  Have a look around the sellers website -lots of neat stuff!

White sure minimizes problems with body work.  This car looks to have seen some abuse from parking or more likely time spent in a not very careful storage situation.

Rust situation doesn’t look bad, but who knows under the matte finish white.  Rear bumper is incorrect 101 item.

I’m going to guess the rocker needs replacing.  Car sits awfully high.  Wheels look pretty good -even if the front is a Boranni and the rear a Fergat.

Vavavoom.  Rust, crust, grit, grime and every other product of neglect except maybe grudge holding is present here.  I’m going to say the empty transmission hole is further evidence of no drive train on board.

The always popular number verification.

More numbers.

Hey – this was post 700!!


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