Glas 1700 GT: bringing it home

It’s really funny to think that I had plans to have this car run before Rufus was born, and here he is 6 weeks old already!  Well, today I made a big step in the direction of it running -I went and fetched it from Sacramento!  As soon as I saw it again the fire was stoked, and I’m hot to get it put together.  The bottom end of the engine, rebuilt head and all the other little parts I’ve cleaned up have been waiting for this.  Time to get cracking!

Freshly powder coated wheels look great.  Tires are 175/70/14’s.  Two of the rims had some scale rust around the valve stem hole that prevents the stem from sealing so I will be using inner tubes in those two wheels.  Almost looks like a car from this side -being mostly red and all.

Cousin Norm is happy to see it go so he can fit all three of his boats on his driveway. Maybe it should be painted white to make it easy on the body guy.  The doors on this car shut soooo nicely.

It was hit on this corner and repaired poorly.  Once it runs and drives it will be going to a body shop to get the dent in the drivers door, some small dents in the front and this corner taken care of.  Also of note is I discovered this is a quick steering car – I doubt if lock to lock is much more than one turn of the wheel.

Another nice thing today is I got to go through more boxes and see what I have!  The hood scoop trim looks great as do the emblems.  The little round side marker lights will require some attention but they are the original Hella’s and in good shape.  That thing above the Frua badges is the dome light that lives in the rear view mirror.  Keys are original.  Fob is old.

Do they say Huk or Huf or??  I need to get some blanks in case I lose these.

I guess now that I have the car the project can commence, with only a brief intermission for child birth.


13 thoughts on “Glas 1700 GT: bringing it home

  1. Great Pictures of your Car.
    If you want to, i can send you a list of the Colors of the GT, all colors which where available in the sixties!

    Regards from Germany,


  2. Looks like a neat project with all the good “stuff” all there. A very attractive body design. Rufus will be the picture of coolness when cruising the neighborhood !!

  3. Matt: Congratulations. That looks like it has the bones for a really nice looking car. Look forward to seeing it at this year’s All Italian Day meet in Alameda. If you need a good body shop I have an excellent one on E. 11th. I can recommend. Vietnamese guys who do excellent work for a very reasonable cost. Chrome plating however
    has to go to Stockton.
    Graham Arlen

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