Market 408: Spider 10103 170673 -just the body

Update 3/27/12: I am impressed by this sale price.  $11,000 for a body on suspension.  Such a deal.

3/25/12: Giulietta Spider 10103*170673.  This car is on eBay right now out of Appleton WI.  WYSIWYG with this one.  I don’t know how easy it is to deal with paint matching the lids and doors to a freshly painted body, but people are bidding on it, so it must make some sense.  If I had a rusty complete Spider from this series I’d buy this and move assemblies over to the new body one at a time as they are restored.  Might be fun.

Looks pretty good!  Paint is even, I don’t see signs of poorly done bodywork, and it’s ready to go.  Someone in the right part of the country (right being where you can get decent bodywork done for $20 or so an hour) could make a cottage industry of buying whole rusty cars, doing this to the body then selling the parts one at a time on eBay.

I would have removed the bumper brackets.  Looks good though.

Tiny bit of BMW Polaris Silver overspray on the tires.  Presence of wheels under body says it comes with some sort of suspension.  What shut lines?

Looks a bit wrinkly under the battery area.  I wonder how they repaired it.  I know a lot of guys who think neutralizing the rust followed by fiberglass filler is ‘repaired’.  I suppose it is from a certain perspective -but not the perspective held by most of the guys who are excited about these cars.

Same comments as trunk floor.  There is a lot of assembly and parts hunting to do here.  Race car?

Someday, somewhere this car will roll down the road.


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