Market 407: Castle find SS project in France 10120 00440

Update 4/6/12:  Car reached an underwhelming $15,099.  I’ve heard of 00120 engines selling for about $10K, so this is pretty cheap for this car, regardless of how busted up you think it is.

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00440 This car is on eBay out of France right now. Seller commented a few days ago about the availability of this car, wanting to post here, but I was away from the internet for a few days and now here it is on eBay. The car is said to have been vandalized and stripped of parts, but it looks solid enough to be viable for someone, and since these have gone up in value, more parts -especially trim bits, are available new.  Car received ‘final assembly’ in France by Renault -part of their trade agreement for car imports.

Nice color combo!  Looks like that late 60’s GTV color, and the blacked out bumpers are an interesting touch.  Kind of looks like the car was driven into a corner, creating angled dents at each headlight.  


I’m guessing the vandalism involved the sudden chaotic removal of glass by blunt objects.  More blacked out areas.  Trunk lid is missing?  There is a set of SS glass on the for sale page of this site.

Weird reflector placement, though my old SS 00413 had holes for these and was originally a Swiss market car.  Not sure where these license lights came from, maybe a French spec car detail?

There will be rust -just maybe not as bad as some.

Gauges can be had.  Steering wheel looks useable as-is.  Not sure where this mirror came from.  Seats are Giulia Sprint GT items I think.

This doesn’t look too bad.  No, really, the spar inboard of the jack point is usually really rusty when these cars have a lot of rust.

All that is missing can be found, though 101 Veloce stuff is getting pricey.  Note French spec glass brake fluid bottle.  Headers look to be in good shape.

Not to be confused with anyone else -a positive ID.

If nothing else, another SS that survives.


2 thoughts on “Market 407: Castle find SS project in France 10120 00440

  1. Matt those seat frames could be original with different covers. If its a useable 120 series block in there that’s a big difference in value. You know how hard those are to find. The chrome around the windows and doors appears to be there as well. Except perhaps the front. Those are very hard to find.

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