6C2500 Freccia d’Oro – looking for a good home

6C2500 916587 ‘Freccia d’Oro’.  Some cars come up for sale and you forget them the moment you look away -others stick with you, lingering in your mind like a pretty face from your Differential Equations class in college.  For me, this car is one I’ve thought about occasionally since the first time I saw it about 10 years ago on eBay out of Southern California for about $20,000 (anyone remember exactly?).  It sold through Fantasy Junction in the last few months for just under $50,000 and is now offered by Autoclassic in Italy.  The eBay and FJ sales had it powered by a Chevy V8 (get over it), but Autoclassic seems to be selling it with a core 6C2500 engine and transmission.  I have no idea what such an engine and transmission are worth -I would think quite a bit (anyone?) -but I have no doubt the price has nearly doubled.

Stunning big car.  These cars were built at a glacial pace.  I think the paint was pretty far gone when it was on eBay -as was the interior.  I am not a fan of the red wheels.

I wonder how visibility is out of that rear window.  Trunk looks ample.  I don’t mind the black bumpers -chrome might be too much.  Beautiful shape.

Trunk is so big it has a shelving unit.  I guess the spare would come out on that trolly with the handles? 

Interior is plush.  I could do this -RHD and all.  Even for a big car I bet it’s fast with the V8.

On the bright side it will get driven a lot more with this engine -and a distributor cap is slightly cheaper for this than the Alfa engine.

That said about the V8 -this is art right here.  I bet they bought the car knowing they could do a serious value-add with this engine they had in the barn.

Transmission isn’t too cheap either.  Oddly, I know where there’s one of these locally.

A cousin who resides at the Alfa Museo Storico.

Maybe it will find a home soon…


3 thoughts on “6C2500 Freccia d’Oro – looking for a good home

  1. Hi,
    I have a SS vin 440 project to offer for sale missing parts and wondered if you would have people of interest. I am thinking of putting on eBay, yet I wouldn’t mind selling without the eBay hassle. Solid floors car, body shell with some rust and damage and engine missing head and inside vandalized with almost perfect headliner!?! was locked in a castle of France and people only able to access though a hidden entrance, where the car has been slowly stripped and vandalized. I can supply pictures to any person of interest.
    Please let me know your thoughts!
    Best regards

    Mario NH

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