Market 405: 2600 Sprint 824960 -Nice!

2600 Sprint 10602*824960, 00601.  This 2600 Sprint is hanging out next to a 1900 Berlina at Fantasy Junction right now.  I went and saw it in person and it really is as nice as it looks in pictures.  The 2600 Sprint I listed recently was a pretty good deal at $23,500, since it’s got to be more than 65% of the car this is at $55,000.  The more I look at these, the more I think another 2600 Sprint might be on my reality based top 10 list, near the Montreal.

There is an air of 60’s American car about these -maybe it’s the size and lots of horizontal bars in the grill.  Note how skinny the tires are!  Very clean example.

The rear fender swoosh recalls the front SS fender swoosh -squared of back half of the opening and all.  The finish on these is amazing -very tight shut lines and superb trim fit.  Anyone know who penned the design at Bertone?  Has a lot of the styling cues I generally associate with Scaglione.

Note the similarity of the recessed tail to the SS, and the similarity of the tail lights to SZ units.  A very restrained styling effort. 

Those seats ate Fat!  I like the light gray carpet.  Door panel looks very modern -a lot like those found on 70’s Berlina’s.  Gauges and steering wheel are very similar to SS and SZ. 

What’s the story with the greenish-silver valve cover?  The stock air plumbing in these is very sophisticated.  I think these cars would be worth more and be more highly regarded if they had originally shipped with Weber DCOE’s.  I don’t have a problem with these Solex’s, but these cars really wake up when correctly converted to Weber’s.

I am looking into buying a new daily driver -maybe I should get one of these…


6 thoughts on “Market 405: 2600 Sprint 824960 -Nice!

  1. Giorgetto Giugiaro designed this for Bertone. It was his first ever design and very influential.

    Cam covers on these cars were originally hammertone light green. Think of the color of lathes and precision milling machines of the era. Same idea.

    This particular car at FJ is well known in Alfa circles and considered the best one in the country.

    The yellowish car you featured on Ebay was much rougher; go back and look at the lower door edge/rocker on the drivers side and read the description. It describes rust repair and mismatched paint. Note that there were no closeups of that side! Nothing like this car in fit and quality…no comparison. Gaps look perfect on the white car.

    • Hmmm, I don’t remember if my 2600 Sprint had the greenish covers. Seems to me it was raw aluminum. Maybe an ‘era’ type thing.


  2. I was told that this design was the first car to ever incorporate quad headlights into the grille. Previously everything had been in the fender.
    Not sure about this..perhaps the readers can weigh in.
    Remember that the 2000/2600 Sprint was penned in late 1959.

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