Market 404: Spider Project 10103 170922

Update 3/27/12: I think I would have sold this car for $8,100!

3/14/12: Giulietta Spider 10103 170922Close to the polar opposite of yesterdays Spider Veloce is this crusty project on eBay right now out of Florida.  It has all the bases covered: rust, dents, missing parts and the need for optimism on the part of the new owner -that said, it’s a pretty good parts car.

You can tell by the ride up front the engine is missing.  If the rear was a little lower I’d say it was in the trunk.  Note nose dent and rust in rocker.  All in all though…

Rear lower valence has seen some action.  Bumper is bent and missing bits.  This rocker doesn’t look too bad from this angle.

Unlike the last Spider project I wrote about, this might actually have a trunk full of Giulietta parts.  2 gas tanks?  Box in the right has engine components.  Something about the shape of the bag between the box and spare makes me think it’s a crank shaft.

Steering wheel looks whole.  I see a genuine Giulietta Spider seat with tracks.  Gauges look average.  Lots to do.

Now were talking, engine -check, radiator -check, grills -check.  I wonder what happened to the old ‘spread it all out on a tarp’ approach to parts display?

Sort of ‘as pulled’.  Lots to clean and do, but not horrible.

Positive ID.

This is pretty average.  $10,500 asking price is not absurd, but it may be rustier underneath than it looks. Assume the worst…


3 thoughts on “Market 404: Spider Project 10103 170922

  1. Take a look at the picassa album. It says everything you need to know. Stay away from it; that is, if you want to preserve your sanity. There are only a hand full of people in the country that can restore these cars correctly who knows them well.


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