Market 403: Spider Veloce 750F 02029

Update 3/28/12: This car did pretty well at $48223, and with some detailing may have gone higher.

3/13/12: Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*02029, 1315*30721.
Instead of the usual busted up Spider I frequently get to write about, this nice early Spider Veloce, built in mid-1957 is on eBay right now.  It’s a nice car -not necessarily correct to a fault, or finished to such a high standard you are afraid to drive it, but much better than average and mechanically sound.  Car was originally black with red interior, but it’s currently Celeste with black -not very often that an Alfa is not original color and yet not redone in red. I hesitate to guess a value -just keep in mind one of the high priced cars of 2011 was a Celeste 1958 Spider Veloce in driver + condition.

This picture could be a lot better, but shows you what to expect to show up in a big cardboard box in a few weeks if you buy it.  Good shut lines, good trim -ready to playboy it around Hollywood.

Second verse, same as the first.  Trunk fit is very good.  Faux-stone McMansion is a nice backdrop. 

Getting the dash in body color shouldn’t be too expensive.  Steering wheel looks great, as does most of the rest.  Door pulls look odd to me.

More correct than usual.  I want a 750 Veloce car to build the engine in.  Polished plenum top is not uncommon.  Seems to be the thing to do among those who don’t recognize the beauty in raw cast aluminum.


Textbook engine case stamping.

“The car on offer has been certified by the Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo that the engine number and chassis number match and correspond to an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce, manufactured on July 18, 1957 and sold to Hoffman Motor Car of New York on December 17, 1957 (therefore, the first registration of the car was in 1958).

The Giulietta has been finished in powder blue (Azzurro Celeste) with black vinyl interiors. The car has black cloth convertible top in good condition. There is no radio, only the factory blanking plate. Mostly correct car, other than the dash is not painted body color (the car was originally black), the Petronix electronic ignition and later style exhaust. The paint is not concours but is in good shape for a driver car. As far as we can tell, there is no rust visible in any location. Car needs a little body work at the lower front facia (damage with a higher than expected curb). It was repaired, but is not perfect.

She has been professionally maintained with the best Alfa mechanic in the Phoenix area. The engine was rebuilt on August 2007 (4,000 miles ago) with Veloce Rods, oversized rod bearings, oversized main bearings and P & L kit -74.5 mm. New 750 series generator pulley on September 2007. On May of 2008, the Brake system was overhaul with a new Girling Master cylinder. In October of 2008 the head was re-torque (as specified, due to the engine overhaul). The Transmission was completely rebuild on January of 2009.

This beauty is in very good condition, it is a pleasure to drive, and regretfully I need to let her go.

We encourage you to inspect the vehicle before any bidding. This vehicle is sold “as is” with no warranty. There is no described and/or implied warranty. “

Since there are probably two Alfa mechanics is Phoenix area, the other guy is the worst by default…

Floor mat in the trunk looks like that hallway runner rubber you can get from your local Ace Hardware for $4 a foot.


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