Market 398: Sprint Veloce 10106 350633 in Sweden

Update 3/13/12: Henrik from Sweden has found out the vin number.  Turns out it is one of the very last Sprint Veloce’s -the last car is 350961.

Giulietta Sprint Veloce 10106 350633.  Henrik and Frank both sent me a link to this car today, listed on a Swedish site with lots of cars for sale -mostly new.  Text of the ad reads “Unique Alfa Romeo-62 in very good renovation condition. Super interior. Complete car with engine and gearbox.  One of the few Veloce in Sweden. The car has been standing since -77.” Price is 85,000 which would be about 13 000 USD.  Seller lists it as a 1962 750E, so either they are wrong about the year or model -looking at the pictures, I suspect it’s a late 10106.

One wonders if the paint was removed in 1977 or soon there after.  Body is decent and straight.  Sweden looks to have been a ‘side marker light’ country.

This is a late bumper, for use with the big square plate holder.  Heck -one might just squirt a coat of paint on this and do what’s mechanically necessary to put it back on the road.

Repairs done or repairs to be done – probably a combination of both -only careful inspection will tell.  I see the ghost of a ‘Sprint Veloce’ badge.

Ditto last comments.  Weird repair by the wheel arch.

Weird use of wood.  Hopefully the original vinyl is still under here.

Good looking dash!  Veloce gauges.  Rear view mirror is what I usually think of as the ‘late’ type, but the parts book lists this type as starting with car 06600.  I suspect it was a ‘what was on hand’ deal for a while.

I suspect this car has sold already, but who knows.  If anyone catches the vin number let me know please!


2 thoughts on “Market 398: Sprint Veloce 10106 350633 in Sweden

  1. Here is another Sprint for sale Yet, the information provided by the seller inaccurate, incomplete and misleading with many missing photos that did not make it out of the editing room. Significant amount of material information that can alter the outcome of the auction has not been provided to the potential buyers. Caveat emptor…..I will be more than happy to provide a more detail set of photos regarding this vehicle. Shamefull

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