Market 402: Spider 08855 project car

3/27/12:  Sold for $8675.  A decent deal if the car is not rusty.

3/10/12: Giulietta Spider 10103 1495*08855. This car is on eBay right now out of New Jersey.  Looks like the usual stalled project, getting only the requisite mediocre red paint job and some dis-assembly before the magnitude of the task set in on the over their head enthusiast or ‘hoping-to-make-a-quick-buck’ restorer and the project was abandoned.  Seller claims the car comes with a lot of parts -but I don’t see any in the pictures that are from a Giulietta.  Make sure you get clarification on what parts are included!

Body looks really good here -nice and straight.  Hood is just set in place.  I kind of like the off white wheels.

Original gray coming through under the red – doesn’t look like much prep was done for the repaint.  Trunk fit is good.

They are hard to put together -especially when you weren’t the one who took it apart.

Anyone see a Giulietta part among the junk in the trunk?  Looks like random ‘hey -it comes with parts’ filler to me.

None of this looks like Giulietta parts either.  Passenger seat is correct.

Originally white or gray??  Dash looks reasonable.  Clutch pedal is frozen in the box.  Crack in the steering wheel at 12 of the clock.  Is that a tunnel-case shift knob?

Okay, yeah, I think it was originally white.  Looks like Marelli-plex ignition is laying in there.  This is an early transition engine set up, probably 1315*XXXXXX with six digits, like my Sprint -correct for this series Spider.

Is this where you want to start?  Rust looks minimal, but only underside pictures will tell.


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