Market 401: Sprint 750B 05731 -Very nice!!

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493*05731, 1315*05212, Bertone body 655119.  There has been keen interest on my site without me writing about this if click thru’s from a comment to the ad are any indication!  Several correspondents have reported it’s availability and finally, here I am getting a post about it up. The car is nicely finished, with only a few incorrect details that can easily be rectified.  I like a Sprint in silver with red interior -looks just like a car I have pictures of from a guy in Sacramento circa 1990.

Looks phenomenal from this angle, with nice even paint, over a tight fitting body and precisely fitted trim.  These pictures are very artful, but not great for assaying the quality of the specimen.

I like these tail lights better than the common Lucas ovals.  The twilight blue reflected of the silver paint show the Sprint to be a curvier beast than you usually think.  Bumper looks to be a later item with the light holes filled.


Trunk mat in red is a bit garish for my eyes.  Spare?  Jack?  Tools?

Steering wheel looks good -I prefer the originals though.  Tidy interior, well detailed and presented. 

Car has the high beam switch on the steering column stalk.  I wonder if the seat centers are cloth or vinyl?  Lots of red in effect. 

Red under-hood mat doesn’t do it for me, but is simple to rectify if the new owner so desires.  Finding the retaining spars and light are a little harder.  That’s the same side mirror my old Fiat had.

Weird ghastly light emanating from the headers.  Looks alright under here.  A prospective buyer will want some detailed daylight shots to judge.

The numbers.

This car is a basically complete, matching numbers, tastefully appointed turn-key example for just under $50,000.  There is room for improvement -though nothing major needs doing.  Seems like a pretty good deal compared to the price of one of these in project form these days when added to the cost of a driver grade restoration.


3 thoughts on “Market 401: Sprint 750B 05731 -Very nice!!

  1. Sprints look really good in a metallic color, such as silver here, and a champaign one on sale a few years ago on Panamera’s website. Light metallics really bring out the curves, and the Sprint has spades of them.

  2. Its advertised in dutch.
    Here is the story: “It was built in November 57 and then put on the road in Stockholm in june ’58.
    The first owner had ordered it with the non standard colour Grigio Metallizato (AR706) and a red interior as has been confirmed by the Centro Documento Alfa Romeo. Had only two previous owners and has a just redone matching # engine.
    Nardi Steering wheel and polished steering hub. Car is honest and totally original. (?)”
    Its seems to be located some 70 km’s away from where I live. Don’t know the car nor the seller…

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