Market 399: Spider Veloce 750F 04164 project in Germany

Update 4/6/12: Not sure being in Germany helped this car much, but someone bought it and an expensive process is probably being planned right now.

Giulietta Spider Veloce 750F 1495*04164This car is on eBay out of Germany right now.  It is rusty, incomplete, modified -basically right on the verge of viability -but it is a Veloce and does come with a lot of parts.

I think what happens is someone very enthusiastically tears a car apart -starts doing work, bills get bigger than expected, parts get misplaced and the next thing the car knows it’s covered in surface rust on eBay with a trunk full of parts.  Note wheel arch in the rear has been modified -might be a bondo ramp -might be a beautiful sheet-metal sculpture.

Trunk is going to be rusty.  Wheel arch looks to have been a pro-ish job.  That tail light opening appears to have been crushed and pounded back out.

Floors look pretty good -maybe it’s not that rusty after all -need to see the area below and behind the seats to be sure.  Is that a 105 trailing arm on the floor?

Rust really doesn’t look that bad.  105 control arm?  I see seat tracks – that’s good.

Tail lights are from a later Spider.  I see the master cylinder and pedal box.  I’d bet a lot of these parts are not from this car. 

I would think this would have a tunnel case transmission.  What’s that filter canister from?  Think of the ours of fun putting this together.

750 series normal engine.  Later rear bumper.  Seats are a nice addition.

101 Giulia gauges, a Sprint grill. 

Positive ID.

If it’s cheap enough!


4 thoughts on “Market 399: Spider Veloce 750F 04164 project in Germany

  1. Hallo, its me who bougth this car.

    Don´t worry, the car will be back on the road, do not know when, but it will.
    The restoration will be very expensive, so many parts are missing. I ´m waiting for the wheelarchs of the back rigth now. The other bodywork ist still done very well. We have taken out all the bad melting, what has been done in the 1980th. The frame is sureprisingly in an very good condition.

    But i´m still lucky :-)

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