Market 397: julieta sprint velocy

Giulietta Sprint Veloce (?). I guess the title says it all. This car is available through Kajiji out of British Columbia for offers in the neighborhood of $30,000. The title makes me wonder about the owners involvement with the car. Still, a Sprint Veloce with a decent recent repaint and some new chrome is pretty interesting if the drive train is original.

I guess this answers the question of what you do with the extra little bit of red paint in the gun are answered. The tail pipe?  Paint that shit red.  The wheels?  Them too!  Big question is… is this a garage sale or what?

I’ve never had the front of my Sprint this far apart. Bumper looks phenomenal, as do headlights.  Hood fit is great.

I really think this car was part of a garage sale or some sort of swap.  I don’t see an cues that it’s a Veloce.

Pretty good back here.  I’m about to embark on the restoration of the black Sprint I listed a few weeks ago – I guess if you wanted it, I could put this one together too!

Anyone see any Veloce specific parts here (or Normale).  Heater box looks, well, umm, bad.  Wrinkle finish please.

There you have it, another Sprint for your maybe I’ll buy this pleasure.


5 thoughts on “Market 397: julieta sprint velocy

  1. Right next to that there peanut can iz’n a BOSCH box with 3 an one-half spark-plugs .. believed to have been removed from a Veloochee.
    But that Normale air canister clamping ring – beneath the atrocious red heater box – does make me wonder …

      • Air Filter – Air Canister – Air Box
        Same – Same; the air filtration unit … by whatever name you call it.
        The Normale uses this round-ring type .. I don’t think the hinged Veloce mount that bolts to the firewall would look like the one pictured on the table. Course .. this is a sprint velocy.

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