Market 396: 1954 Sprint in Bulgaria

Giulietta Sprint 750B. Henrik sent me a link to this car a couple of days ago.  Car is in Bulgaria and exhibits all the usual characteristics of an older car that’s been kept on the road through a combination of the clever application of incorrect parts as needed, and changes made to suit the tastes of the owner -a lot like the cars that come out of Mexico or South America.  No vin number is stated, but if it’s a 1954, it must be between 1493.00011 and 00023 according to Fusi, or ‘somewhere in that neighborhood’ if other known chassis numbers from this era are any indication.  If anyone knows the chassis number, let me know!

Body looks pretty good.  Has the small headlights .  Is that a ‘short’ windshield?    Wheels look like Fiat or some eastern block equivalent.  Wipers look modern.

Engine sits high up like (and valve cover is from) a 1750 or 2 liter Air filter housing has been cut down to clear the hood.  I could go on.  Expect to replace all of this in the event of a restoration.  Would be great if the seller still has the original engine.

More incorrect -a lot of it from late 60’s Alfa 105 -like the headlight stock and heater control.  Not sure where the gauges are from.

Another view.  Mirror looks vaguely like a late 101 Spider item. 

And finally.

Asking price is 41,000 British pounds -about the cost I would expect if this car was a driver with the original parts.  Will take some time to find a home.  I wonder what complications arise trying to get a car out of Bulgaria?  Might take some extra ‘export’ fees.


2 thoughts on “Market 396: 1954 Sprint in Bulgaria

  1. If this is a ’54 car (and #24 is ’55 AFAIK) then it will have the short windshield (in words, less tall; more letter-box shaped). Number #24 is ‘short’.

    This car is interesting, but appears very over-priced given how many of the early parts are missing. It’s not just the interior and engine / engine parts that are a problem: the wheel-arch profile looks all wrong, so who know what’s under the paint…

    In fact, I suspect it’s listed as a ’54 because that’s when the Sprint model was introduced, rather than being the date when this particular car was made.

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