Market 274: Nice Interim Sprint

Update 4/6/12: If this car is worth $25,900 then the Giulietta market has fallen off a cliff.  Admittedly the interior has some issues and the car probably photographs better than it actually is, but as far as Sprints likely to come on the market goes, this will always be in the 90th percentile.  I just don’t think the privacy of an eBay auction ending at home when you are alone in your PJ’s sipping your favorite Rye waiting for your Sprint object of bidding to close has quite the same thrill as sitting in the RM audience with the lights, noise, booze and tits all swirling around you, taking larger and larger chunks out of your bank account as you try and out do the Donald Trump hair-do next to you.

Update 3/3/12:  This car is now on eBay after a short ownership by someone in North Carolina.  It looks as good as ever.  The saga continues.

Update 3/15/11: This car sold through Fantasy Junction recently.  Went for much more than the highest eBay bid.  Is eBay on its way out?

Update 1/11/11: Back on eBay and looking for a new owner.  This looks like a good one.  Go for it!

Update 12/27/10: $20,101 after 28 bids with reserve not met.  Disappointing really -I guess mine is worth a few thousand less than I thought -not that I want to sell it but, well , this car should have seen at least $28,000.

Giulietta Sprint 10105*20386, 1315*010370. This pretty good specimen of an interim Sprint is on eBay right now out of Southern California.  Of note to me is that it is 7 cars later in production than my Sprint (20379) with the next engine number after mine (1315*010369) and also a USA market car by its 10105 prefix.

Looking good.  I need a set of the front lenses in white -mine are amber Euro spec.

Like mine, there are no side markers up front.  Shut lines look great.

Seller describes a ding on the right rear that doesn’t break the paint.  These are Euro rear lenses.  Aaron likes the black plate.

Exactly right build plate.  They stopped listing the engine number around car 20800.

Carb looks to be a Weber or?  Red plug leads like this are native to late 105 cars.  Seller says the water-pump is noisy and the car runs hot.  Nice and clean for sure.

I think black interior is original to red Sprints in 59/60 as an option.  I’ve seen a few, but red on red seems to be more common.

Cracked wheel and yellow gauges are par for course.

All black seats are a later (1600 body style) thing as well as far as I know.  Should have accent color centers.

Gray part of the interior looks dirty.  Nice headliner and the interior light works!

Well, there you go, a nice Sprint to fiddle with a bit and enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Market 274: Nice Interim Sprint

  1. Interesting to see these pictures, I have #20003 and it doesn’t have the front-fender side marker lights, either. Perhaps they stopped installing these for a time when the “101” cars were introduced? Your comments on the seats are correct, the center section should be the same gray cloth used on the door side cards and back luggage area. This car is a whole lot nicer than my poor old rusty one, though!

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