Glas 1700 GT: making headway

Today was an exciting day, the head I dropped off at my local machine shop for a skim and valve job a few weeks ago turned up and progress on the build could begin again.  I asked for the budget build -basically the minimum required to get me on the road, which turned out to be new stem seals, a quick pass with a fly cutter to skim the head and a nice valve seat cut.

There’s corrosion around the water passageways and deposits on the exhaust valves, but the head is flat and the valves hold pressure, so it should work -would in Calcutta.  Check out the angle the spark plug comes in at.

It’ll work. 

Pretty simple stuff, this head.  I cleaned up the intake manifold, thermostat and housing a while ago -was exciting to finally be able to mount it to the head.

Mmm -jewelry like Solex carb parts.  These did a few tours in the parts tumbler.

Amazing the detailed workmanship what has gone into these carbs that were, as far as I know, only used on the Glas Gt.

Cool stuff.  The brass bits look really neat.

Odd how the thermostat housing is a darker shade of raw aluminum.

I started to assemble the carbs, but it’s slow going, there are a lot of intricate parts that need to be assembled in a particular order, with particular care.

Up next, lots of little bits getting assembled.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and the car will turn up soon.


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