Market 395: Spider 750D 05500 project in the Southwest

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*05500.  This car was offered on the AlfaBB out of New Mexico for offers.  Sellers claims he rescued it from an imminent trip to the crushers.  Looks like a challenging but doable project or great parts car.  If you’re interested call Bruce: 915-892-3619.

Looks like it was someones parts car already.  Wheel seen here is a Borrani -a scarce part.  Door fits well, some rust in the rocker.  I’ve seen worse.

You could just drop a 2 liter in it, bolt a Brookland’s screen on the drivers side and go for it.  Looks like ‘Flaca or Flaco’ liked it.

Gauges need work, so does the steering wheel.  Floor doesn’t look too bad here.  Some good parts present, or as I said at the outset, a challenging place to start a project.

Rust int he floors behind the seat.  Differential needs a good cleaning.

Appears to have been originally gray or yellowish.  Lots of good parts here.  I can’t tell if it’s a tunnel case or split case.

You wanted a cheap Spider project to fool around with, this may be right for you.




1 thought on “Market 395: Spider 750D 05500 project in the Southwest

  1. Central gear lever with a turret & that tin hat…………it’s a split case box, tunnel case shift stub is over to the left of the tunnel & basically flush with the tunnel sheet metal.

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