Market 394: Touring Spider 2600 192753 Champagne and red leather

2600 Spider Touring 10601*192753, 00106*065980.  This car is available now from the good folks at Fantasy Junction.  Color combo is an inspirational Champagne gold with red leather, and it looks amazing.  These big Touring Spiders have been popular with the high-dollar crowd for a while and represent an interesting slice of motoring.  Where a Giulietta is all nimble-ness, rev and simplicity -a motorized womb for the born to race, these are quite the opposite -fast but not quick, ponderous yet capable and as complex as a – well, I don’t actually have a good comparison, as complex as a Flaminia?  Too specific, as a Cold War era Soviet satelite?  Likely to get me watched by the anti-authorities.  How about ‘as complex as a Giulietta is simple’.  Sure.

Looks like a 1600 Giulia Spider with some accoutrements and, er, well, then it hits you –like a Giulia Spider that has a tooth for Bon-Bon’s.  Dig the built in driving lights.

For the fussy older gentleman who like s to take his time yet have the capability to go for it when called upon pink tie busy in the breeze.  That’s it! I’m going to paint the Glas GT gold.  The what you ask?  The car I am about ten posts behind on writing about -the one whose head is now done…

Several cows moo’d their last moo to make this leather acreage happen -same with the burger I had for lunch I suppose.  I don’t see a stereo of any sort, so the Nino Rota has to be confined to your head -just as well I suppose.

Gauge on the right is the sphinctometer -mainly coming into play during heavy cornering body roll.  Maybe the red patch should be another color?  Dig the gray carpet.  Rear view mirror mount alone is worth the price of entry.

Another one with Webers.  I didn’t mind mine with Solex’s at all.  Engine compartment looks great -except for the missing epic air intake ducting.  That’s it -the engine compartment in the Glas will be black.

The number.

You could take a lot of female companion accessories to the mountains back here.  Looks good no?

Object d’obsession for some.

Touring just did things differently.  Superleggera cars were a heavily complex series of intricate panels and light frame type supports.  A car best bought in good shape.

You don’t see many 2600 Spider projects, and when you do, you usually avert your eyes and check the number of zero’s at the end of your bank account.  This car is $98,500.  Worth every penny if you want one of these.  Just be aware of the designer Italian suit bills you’ll rack up…


2 thoughts on “Market 394: Touring Spider 2600 192753 Champagne and red leather

  1. I can just see the picture now; Persol sunglasses, fine leather driving loves and a sport jacket draped over your shoulders. Just like Marcello would have done when arriving to drive this beauty.

  2. Hi Matt,
    Nothing “super-lightweight” about this construction. Superleggera was just a Touring trademark name by then. Hardly a birdcage. Strangely, the underbody construction is virtually identical to the Bertone coupes.

    Agreed that the oft-maligned Solexes are okay by me. More often the rubber carb mounts leak (exacerbated by a leaking Girling MC booster which ingests brake fluid into the engine and eats rubber) that manifests as carburetion problems. These are the 2 top reasons why 2600s are left to sit. The carb mounts are specific to the 2600 and not interchangeable with 105s; repros are out there but pricey.

    Complex? I disagree. Misunderstood. Understressed. Bulletproof. Nowhere near a Flaminia for complexity. Nowhere near a Maserati for parts scarcity.

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