gets a friendly nod

I don’t know how many of you have blogs, or websites, or any idea of the information you get to see, but it’s pretty neat.  I come home from a day of whatever, open my laptop, check my email, the eBay auctions I post for a friend, etc then come here to my blog -but not the blog you see, rather, a control panel where I see how many visitors I’ve had on any given day (1219 page views so far today), total by increment -679,186 ever, 33,710 last month etc; and where the traffic came from and what it looked at.  Today I did this and noticed 19 referrals from an article at Hemmings.  Turns out an interview I did with David LeChance around the recent value gains by Giulietta and Giulia Spiders was posted to their site.  Check it out!

I know the story of this picture, but I can’t remember.  Uncle?


6 thoughts on “ gets a friendly nod

  1. That’s my car.. still have it. …. 1985 Chicago Auto Show McCormick Place. Originally a new Veloce delivered to Lou Comito Long Island who raced it out of the box and never titled it until 1966 when it was first sold as a “used car” from his dealership. I have the original Bill of Sale and lineage back to Comito. Car has one repaint I did over the original finish in 1984 and still wears it well . Uncle Rick

    • Thought so. It was in my unknown file with hundreds of other pictures -I need to get a database set up that I can dump pictures in and keep track.


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