Market 393: 2600 Sprint 825680

Update 3/6/12: This car sold for $23,585 after 36 bids.  Probably a sightly disappointing outcome for the seller, but if they needed to sell it, it’s sold.

2600 Sprint Coupe 10602*825680, 00601*07668.  I’ve been mulling it over, and have decided to add the odd non-Giulietta to the Market when I see something that interests me, like 2000/2600’s, Montreal’s, Junior Z’s, 1900’s and the like.  This 2600 Sprint is on eBay right now out of Texas. Condition is superb (to my eyes), pretty much where I’d end up if I took the restored with acceptable patina route as far as possible.  I had a 2600 Sprint for a while -commuted in it for a few months 135 miles each way, was a great ride, and I’ve regretted selling it (along with about 20 other Alfa’s).  Owner would like to see close to $40,000.  I think they will be disappointed, but not too badly.  The pictures are good, but WAY too small.  Jose -if you want $40K for a car -spring for some decent pictures please!

The 2600 Sprint is a good looking car.  I think when you look at usability and comparables (Maserati’s mostly), you find these to be under-priced and very reliable.  Sure,they made a lot, but they have been complex their whole lives and good examples are few and far between.  I paid a pittance for mine and drove it home (on 4).  This car looks to have been someones pride and joy.  Very very clean and well presented.

Sometimes I see a big GTV when I look at it, sometimes a big SS, either way, it has some serious high-profile siblings.  It’s only  a matter of time before these are high dollar cars.  Rear wheel arch reminds me of the front arch on an SS.  Color is one that you love or hate.  Trim parts are in great shape.  Doors, hood etc all have typical great Bertone fit.

Nice tidy trunk.  I wonder if it comes with the big money tool kit?  Tail lights remind me of SZ items.

A tan car with red carpet and blue leather?  Bring it on!  These are spacious and comfy inside. 

Electric windows in a 60’s Italian car -rather not, but what choice do I have?  I don’t remember if mine had electric windows.  Maybe they all do.  I really like the detailing in the leather.

If I divide 2600 by 6 then multiply that by 4, I get 1800.  Does that make a 2600 a 1750 based 6 cylinder?  Webers are a nice addition, but require a special manifold to be effective.  The stock Solex’s were set up so one carb fed two cylinders through a common intake path, the Webers require one throttle body per cylinder, which, if you use the stock manifold, requires modification.  I thought the Solex fed engine felt great.

Was a time when the nicest one was $25,000, now it’s pushing $50,000.  A time is not far off when this car will seem a bargain.


8 thoughts on “Market 393: 2600 Sprint 825680

  1. It is a creamy tan, right? So blue interior would have been regal, striking and elegant. Someone tried to pimp it up with red carpet? Could it have been delivered that way? I’d really like this car, with switch to dark blue carpets, the styling and details are lovely.

  2. Hi Mat, I am on my second. (Stupidly sold the first and bought the next best I could find a year later). Glorious to look at, a great touring car but hopelessly outclassed by 105 contemporaries due to 1900 underpinnings and hopeless/problematic steering. They are a great old jigger! These cars really bridge the post war eras nicely. Engines are silky smooth and are relaxing to drive. Hopefully a weber upgraded car has also had attention to handling to match the performance. The tyres are very narrow too!
    Best Regards
    Phil (and his t-shirt)

  3. I have always loved the look of these cars but I have heard that these and their spider brethren were a bit agricultural in their handling. Anyone chime in?

    • They are better than they look -biggest problem is the big 155 series tires. They shift very well, are smooth, have great brakes and go decently around corners.


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