Market 392: 101 Spider 10238 -second worst pictures ever

Update 4/6/12: I don’t know if I’ve seen another car get 113 bids. That’s a lot of bids. Decent sale price.

Giulietta Spider 10103 1495*10238.  This car is on eBay right now out of Cripple Creek Colorado.  Pictures, which were marginal at best to start with, have been doctored so that it looks like the car was flying in space.  Why do this?  Maybe they were taken at a porn convention and nothing in the background was appropriate.  Who knows.  Sellers describes it as an abnormale, but really, it’s just a 1400 kitted original engine, not the 1750 or 2 liter usually associated with the term.  Despite the sellers best efforts to sabotage their auction with bad pictures and the abnormale tag, the car itself looks decent.

If Max Headroom had a Giulietta Spider on his show.  Tough to draw any conclusions from this.  It’s red, all red, has Boranni’s, the rear view mirror is correct -is missing a turn signal light, which is said to be included in the description.

Paint lacks luster, but I don’t see evidence of rust.  Nardi-esque wheel is nice.  Dash looks okay from here.

I like them without the horizontal grill opening trims.

Good deal if it has a 101 Veloce intake manifold.  That air cleaner is no doubt effective, but really… yuck.

That exhaust tip?  Even more yuck than the air cleaner.

I bet it’s a pretty good car.  Maybe request some good pictures of it or go test drive it.  Might end up a bargain since it’s not represented very well.


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