Market 391: Spider 00345 -sad parts car

Update 4/6/12: $1000 spent. What now?

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00345This hulk that was once a very desirable early Spider is on eBay right now out of Rogersville Missouri.  Considering 750D 00808 sold for something, and was not much of a parts car, maybe this will find a home too -speculation against future astronomical prices if nothing else.  Biggest barrier is local pick-up in the middle of absolute nowhere requiring a flatbed and come-alongs.  “Bring your trailer and wench!” the seller says -Haig caught this humor I missed.  Winch I think they mean…

Who knows how or why -we can all guess though.  I bet someone here would pay good money for that early hood prop seen standing at attention from out of the middle of the wreck.

Maybe someone’s got a parts car front end.  Comes with 4 doors.  Looks to be a 105 disk brake rear end in the foreground.  What’s that worth to a scrapper?

I’m sure it has rust -but I’d think the corners here would be rusted out and they’re not.  Back end looks decent.  What would someone do with that dash?

Positive ID made.

I still think a car like this would make an interesting subject of a Travel or Discovery Channel show “Ultimate Project Car”  where a team of restorers resurrects a once proud car.


3 thoughts on “Market 391: Spider 00345 -sad parts car

  1. “Bring your trailer and wench” Doubtful my wench would travel 500 miles to pick this thing up. But I would for $250.

  2. In 2006, on the ABB, you and I saw Jason in Tennessee acquire 1495*00666, which turned out to be a Veloce! Rusted out in the woods, many doubted it would be worth restoring as “it would ‘only’ have value of $40,000” after restoration. Time changes what the dollar value is, but the Giulietta has another set of values which should govern the descision.
    Time to add 1495*00666 to your database!

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