Market 389: Sprint 10105 21145 -apart and rust free exclusive

Update 2/24/12:  This car has been sold.  Buyer is on the west coast and it seems like a good fit -the right car/the right buyer -and I get to help!

Giulietta Sprint 10105*21145.  This car is available now out of Northern California from a local Alfa enthusiast who was preparing it for CSRG racing.  It is a California black plate car, tracing history and ownership through the years between Southern and Northern California.  The condition of the body speaks for itself in the pictures below -no rust (well, there is a little light surface rust -but nothing needing new metal IMHO) and very straight panels with a coat of black paint applied as long as 10 years ago.  Someone with space and some skills of assembly could get this car together into driver form in their spare time in a year or less, with a little persistence.  Why is he selling?  He bought a nearly finished GT Junior race car.

Contact me at and I’ll put you in touch with the seller.

The body looks really good -especially if you like a black Giulietta.  Black is very popular on Spiders, but you don’t see too many black Sprints.  Would look great with a red/gray interior.  Hood and door fit looks right on this side.  I believe some suspension work has been done on the front end of the car.

Looks like a little test fitting has been done back here, with one reflector and part of the bumper being mounted.  Assume there will be rough corners that need touch up black when it’s done.

Looks naked without a rear window or rear end installed.  You can remedy that.

So, what does it come with and how much is it?  The seller has a few possible package deals in mind -mainly the result of money spent on race preparing some things -like a rebuilt, converted to limited slip rear end.

The basic car:  What you see, including all the trim, glass, old useable interior, No Sprint Seats or tracks -comes with 105 Spider seats and mounts to make them work, jars of fasteners, non-engine compartment components, etc.  Get an engine, transmission and rear end elsewhere, install them and everything else to this car and go.  New wiring harness $9500.

Car + a disassembled good, ready to build 1300, original 4 speed transmission and race prepped 5.12 LSD rear end.  $13,500.

or Car + a 2 liter, 5 speed and the race rear end.  $12,900.

Pretty much as rust free as you can hope for in a Sprint project.  All the window surround trim etc is present and in the same condition as the grill pieces pictured later.  Steering wheel has some cracks.

When a car is described as ‘California black plate’ this is the kind of floor you imagine it has.  That’s the surface rust I mentioned, under the passenger seat.  Windows are still in the doors. 

Lots of assembly to do, but you get to avoid spending $6000 in rust repair before you do it.

You will obviously want topaint this before it goes together.

A few of the more exciting bits.  All the brightwork on this car is pretty good.  If it was just assembled it would look as good or better than my car.

The Spider seats.

Gauges don’t look bad -just need new trim rings.

Not a bad deal really, if you look through the recent Sprint sales.  I can help source an appropriate rear end, engine and other parts.  I was tempted to buy this myself, assemble it over the next year and sell it next year at a decent profit, but with a child birth moments away -it’s not going to happen.  Now is your chance.


2 thoughts on “Market 389: Sprint 10105 21145 -apart and rust free exclusive

  1. Hello Matt,

    I visit your website regularly and it makes fascinating reading.

    I notice that you suggest (rightly so) the fitting of new trim rings on the Sprint’s gauges.

    I own a 1962 Giulia 101 Sprint Normale and I have been looking for such rings for some time. Any ideas of where I can find them ?

    Thanks / George Vallindas

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