Market 328: ‘restored’ identity crisis Spider 750D

Update 2/21/12: This car has turned up on LA Craigslist for $24,500.  Give Sergio a call!  Thanks for the notice Anthony.

That rear view mirror is STILL upside down.  Good luck.

Update 10/27/11: Statement by me: “I’m guessing it’s a late 60 – 62 Spider 10103 1300.”  I was right -one of the last 1300 Spiders -370324.  Buy it now is reduced.  Pictures are better -still has a 750 head and Miata seats.  $29,000?  Greig?  Laurence? Definition of restoration discussion ensues.

A positive ID.

10/12/11: Giulietta Spider 1495*03690This car is on eBay right now out of Salt Lake City.  Seller claims it’s ‘nearing the end of the restoration’ -I think that might be a mis-statement.  It can be yours buy it now for $32,000 – I don’t recommend that.

Smooth hood, vent windows -should be after about vin 09000.  Paint looks as good as it usually does in small pictures.  Whats the yellow thing in the marker light position?Well, it’s got vent windows on both sides!  Front wheel here is a Borrani -the rest are Fergats.  Details details…

61 on tail lights -so it’s definitely not car 03690.  Everything looks so-so back here.

Ummm -not sure if this is tan truck bed-liner or a very carefully glued down tan carpet.

Seller says the seats are Miata because the originals were ‘basket cases’.  Everything looks tired.  Rear view mirror is an SS or Sprint item and upside down.  Dash cover is a 1600 item.  Carpet looks -well, I’ll let George decide.

Radiator is not a Spider item.  Vin plate is where they usually are on later German cars.  Engine has a 750 head.  Check out where the heater valve is.

Vin plate is for a Spider Veloce 750F 03893.  Oddly this vin is on my Veloce register.  I’m guessing this is not the vin plate for this car.  Should have screws -not modern rivets.

European 10103 vin plate.

For all it’s er… problems it probably runs and drives okay -it’s an Alfa after all and parts from 30+ years of models will all bolt together.

So what is to be made of this car?  I’m guessing it’s a late 60 – 62 Spider 10103 1300.  Engine hopefully is a 750 engine.  I don’t know if a 750 head will bolt on a 101 engine but I doubt it.  Incorrect either way.  I can’t say is it’s recklessly or ingenuously misrepresented, but either way it’s a bitsa.  Bid accordingly.  Oh, and if you find out what the vin is, let me know.


7 thoughts on “Market 328: ‘restored’ identity crisis Spider 750D

  1. Hi Matt

    Yes vent windows were present on 750 SWB Spiders, this is the European spec, but seeing as 80+% of Giulietta Production went to the USA & that spec was without vent windows – this is the predominant view we see.

    I know of quite a few vent window 750 Spiders, our October ’57 1495*02806 has them. Vent windows across the board seem to have arrived around 1495*08000

    I know of a ’58 750F which was rebuilt with a 101 tail after a rear end shunt – caused much head scratching about the big tail lights, there was a yellow 750D SWB for sale in the UK recently with the same treatment


  2. It makes one wonder if this cobbled together Frankenstein is hot with the mismatched vin tags OR maybe made from left over parts from previous projects?

    That dash and tail lights are the same as my 65 Giulia spider.
    at least the steering whl is the correct from the early spiders.

    • I think the problem with this car is a simple refusal by the seller to educate themselves.


      PS -hows the Chevy world? My dads 47 is coming along -though I haven’t posted about it in a while.

  3. The seller has amended the listing to indicate the chassis number stamped on the firewall is AR370324, which falls in the 1962 10103 range. This diagnosis appears to agree with the rest of the details on the car. Too bad the seller doesn’t seem to have real knowledge of the car this will certainly hurt it’s potential value. He says the original seats were basket cases, I doubt has a concept of how much correct seats cost (four figures for a nice set) or how much the wrong replacement seats reduce the value of the car. If the seat frames are not totally rusted out (which the car body does not appear to be) there are many Alfa restorers who would love to get their hands on them. He also mentioned that the engine number matches the number stamped on the frame? I wonder where on the frame he found this number and who stamped it there?
    The trunk lid looks tweaked in the open picture but it is hard to tell if it is just the angle of the photo.

    • Ha ha!! So as usual, your humble guide has recognized the specie.

      Agree totally on the seat insight. I sold the last decent set I had a couple years ago for about a grand with most of a set of seat tracks…


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