Market 387: Sprint 10112 356053 – fixin’ time

Update 4/6/12: Sold for $8150. Not sure if that’s good, but I guess so. Tons of work to do. Anyone here buy it?

Giulia 1600 Sprint 10112*356053 This last of the breed Sprint is on eBay now out of New England.  Looks like a decent car that was pulled from harms way just in the nick of time back in the late 60’s.  It has rust – the kind that finds little areas of unprotected metal and works outward – rather than the west coast sort that focuses on areas with standing water or where water is trapped between carpet and metal. It does require some welding, but I think if stripped, it would be a puzzling collection of rusty patches, and not nearly so bad as your typical 1600 Spider barn find of the same era.

You are tempted to say it looks like a reasonable car, and it is.  But someone has gone through the trouble of getting house paint matched to the existing orangey red and painted over the bare metal.  Maybe it’s special rust inhibiting stuff, but I doubt it.  Doesn’t look half bad in any case.

Looks to have been a totally un-runned-into example with very straight coachwork before that big hole in the rocker happened.  Kind of a pick your poison situation.  Again, not really as bad as it could be, but, some work no doubt.  I think I’d ignore the rust and make it run.

This is looking back along the passenger side inside of rocker.  With those gaping holes in the rocker you’d expect this area to be gone or at least scary.  Not so.  It will need attention, the level of which, depends on you the restorer.

Gauges will clean up.  Odd to have the black door panels and red other stuff.  Good documentation of an as-found example.

Never seen one of these accessory ‘back seats for the legless’ in a late Sprint.  Interesting.  Again, odd color combo going on here.

The fulcrum of the deal, and not really exciting.  Know how to weld?  I guess it’s a good thing that these late Sprints seem to be pretty sought after.  The rust chased this car up and down the east coasts famously salted roads for years.

Not bad at all as far as Sprint trunks goes.

Original Romablock clamps on original Pirelli hoses, with the original accordion upper radiator hose.  I’m guessing it’s going to be pretty original in here.

$8500 already with most of an eBay run ahead of it.  There’s almost a 10 to 1 ratio between project Sprints and Spiders on eBay, so why not.

This is my 666th post -the post of the beast!


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