Market 386: Giulia SS 381335 in Northern California

Giulia Sprint Speciale 10121*381335, 00121*01326.  My local purveyors of high-end collectible cars -Fantasy Junction -have just listed this late Giulia SS.  It’s as nice as expected from them.  I think I have pictures of this car somewhere from about 10 years ago when it was for sale for less than 10% of the current $149,000 asking (Andrew, is this the car you sent me pictures of?) -my how times change.  Is this the SS apocalypse where all the nice ones start at recent high-profile auction house prices?  Why not.

Red.  Looks good in all the ways it should.  This looks like the Berkeley/Emeryville waterfront.  Used to be all sandy beaches in the 1800’s where locals did the sort of stuff people do at sandy beaches like swim in wool and drink Bourbon, but the city (or was it the railroad robber barons?) sold all the sand for 50 cents per wagon load over a somewhat long period-probably thinking there was an infinite supply.  I wonder what they thought that day when the last load was loaded up.  Hmmm -we screwed up I think -kids crying on the now rocky shore etc, gentle water suddenly become treacherous.  There’s a little sand there now between Ashby and University, but nothing like pictures I’ve seen -of course we now get pretty plastic and oil slick type debris so no one hangs out there much anyway -especially if Marin accidentally discharges ‘lightly treated’ waste water.  Oh, wait, this is about a red SS.  Nice car.

Ride height is perfect for one of these -not as perfect as Conrad’s car -that one is magical rather than perfect. This is typically a very windy spot.  Scaglione could have done wind tunnel tests on this spot with out moving.

That exhaust pipe is really tight up in the pocket there!  FJ really adds a touch of class with their black plastic plate frame -like those places that don’t tell you they swapped out your ‘Worlds best Grandma’ plate frame for ‘Rod’s Oil service and live Bait’ or wherever you went.  I guess it’s not too far off my desire to make bumper stickers that say ‘Inconsiderate’ to put on those guys that drive big pick-up trucks on the freeway aggressively/intimidatingly close to you, or Hummers, or those guys in my neighborhood who can’t seem to fit their near-death Neon in one parking space at the grocery.

No period Carello’s here.  I’d throw some $8 each Wagner’s on my Sprint if I sold it, so why am I complaining?  Hood fits very well.

This is all we get to see of the interior.  Rear view looks good.  Maybe I’ll swing by ad take some pictures of my own tomorrow.

Two nice cars I didn’t have on my register show up in one month.  The rate of unidentified SS’s hasn’t let up and at this rate we’ll be at 20% or better survivor-ship for SS’s.  What would the existence of 450-ish SS’s existing in the world do for values?  I guess that’s still not a lot.  I did get vin’s for two dead cars too…


4 thoughts on “Market 386: Giulia SS 381335 in Northern California

    • Doesn’t the cast hump above the Alfa Romeo lettering on the valve cover identify it as a 1750? Brake fluid res is from a drum brake car I think. Disk brake is larger diameter. Still a nice car!

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