Market 385: Spider 10123 377929 some assembly required

Update 4/6/12: 2 runs through ebay have resulted in the death spiral of ever lower auction results as buyer fatigue sets in and new projects steal the lime light.  5 more auctions and this will struggle to reach $5000 at this rate.

Giulia Spider 1600 10123 377929This car is available now on eBay out of Florida.  It was painted about 5 years ago, comes with a bunch of parts, and needs a lot of work.  These are straight forward cars to work on -but it helps to either have worked on one before or have been the one who took it apart, so don’t rush headlong into this if neither of those applies to you, but I guess you have 6 days to think about it.

Nose looks pretty reasonable.  There’s always at least 1 broken off bolt in a front bumper mount on a car like this.  It’s hard to judge the quality of a white paint job via small pictures -especially after 5 years!

Trunk fit is excellent.    White is very forgiving, so any little flaws picked up since the paint went on may escape notice.

This is among the most common areas for rust.  Popular wisdom says you should see how well a magnet sticks to this.

I think part of the corner here has been replaced.  Aren’t there usually ribs in the trunk floor near the battery?

Gauges are a bit yellowed.  I’ve still never heard if these gauge inserts are available in reproduction.

Evidence of repairs?  Not sure.

Pick-up trucking it.  I wonder how old the tires are.  Seats look pretty good in the extra pictures accessible through the vin link up top.

Loosely applied 1600.  It’ll take a few hours to clean up the most offensive of the over-spray and a few more to route all the wires.  Lots of hours could be spent under here.

It’s not full of holes, it doesn’t have any significant red flags and it appears to come with a majority of the parts but I’d ask for a detailed inventory including nuts and bolts anyway.  I say go for it -lots to learn and time well spent available here.


3 thoughts on “Market 385: Spider 10123 377929 some assembly required

  1. A very common trademark for this particular seller…. sells mostly already painted, and barely started restorations …. An Earl Scheib paint job always good for hiding major repairs that have been haphazardly completed. Seen a number of his cars sold in like conditions. Shall we called Caveat Emptor…to say the least.

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