My Sprint: a tail light upgrade

I was in Palm Springs a recently and while there went to visit Bob, who is restoring a Sprint near in number to mine, to a high standard.  I checked out his car, the progress he was making and all the parts he had restored, was in the process of restoring, had recently bought or replaced and spotted this pair of tail light lenses in the ‘not going to use’ pile.  I had been shopping for a good set of used tail light lenses and these fit the bill perfectly -the bill being not to dress the car up so much that I want to paint it or anything outlandish like that, yet being an improvement on the cloudy pink lenses my car has worn since I got it -and likely since it was new.  A deal of sorts was struck (Thank You !!) and the lenses slowly made their way onto the car.

Can you guess which is which?  Much better!  I really need to paint my trunk lid, but that’s the top of a slipper slope, that I really want to begin in the engine compartment when the engine comes out for some upgrades (I’m looking for a cast Veloce oil pan if anyone has one to sell…).

My old one wasn’t too bad -I’ve seen worse in use, but the ‘new’ one is a lot better.  These have all the original Carello markings.  Anyone know if the current reproductions do?

That white gluey looking stuff is what the gaskets become after 53 years. 

Looking good!  I need to order some tail light gaskets soon.  Time to get some reflectors too.

I don’t think the current reproductions have all the original Carello markings, maybe I should get some new ones cast.


6 thoughts on “My Sprint: a tail light upgrade

  1. Save the old ones- someone in the not-too-distant future will want them for their patinaed restoration. In fact they may bring a premium.

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