Market 382: Spider 1600 10123 379587 -true barn find!

Update 2/24/12:  Sold for $8101.  Not bad money for this car.  Will be interesting to see if anyone is public about buying this car and shares their fixing it up story.

Update 2/16/12: This car was listed on BringaTrailer resulting in the Buy it Now price being removed from the auction, then, when most of the commenters gave it a thumbs down the auction stalled.  Remember gentle reader -there are at this moment a lot of guys (and some gals I’m sure) out there toiling away on worse cars than this of all nationality and desirability (car and owner alike I suppose…) -this car resurrection business we are all contemplating is a crazy pursuit -but what else are we to do with our time?  At least it’s a tangible object and requires learning, skill development and resourcefulness to see through.  A failed restoration is not wholly a failure -just the car never got done.

2/10/12: Giulia Spider 1600 10123*379587, 00112*45195.  This car is available now on eBay out of Connecticut, where it was just awakened from a 40 or so year sleep in a not so well insulated barn.  Car is rough -as should be expected, but it’s a Spider, it’s complete looking and it’s not much money.  I know some will say it’s a losing proposition if it’s free, but it takes a few owners to carry it along to the viable point sometimes, and this car is far enough away from that edge that it will happen.

Look at this pair -you could take my idea to just make some POS work and drive it around to a new level and have both these guys -the coupe and the convertible.  They look like they were just released from some ordeal they weathered together -would be a shame to break them up.  Dig the fog light in the grill -might start a new fad.

I don’t know if I’ve seen many trunk lids that fit this well on a Spider.  that luggage rack needs off of there now.  Pretty straight -really.  Bumpers have a ghostly green glow.  Lotus Elan in the background with the blue tarp?

Nothing a little WD40 and some elbow grease can’t cure -oh, and some soap and water, new tires, oil change, a couple turns of a wrench, some swishing of fluid containers…  I’d buy it -but I’m both optimistic bordering on crazy and sympathetic to tough cases.

This is somewhere between PG and PG-13.  Some guys would replace half the car, some guys would give it a quick bath and run it.

Floor will need welding if you want to keep your butt off the pavement.

Odometer reads about 40,00 miles -those were some hard days sitting still.  Steering wheel didn’t crack.  I bet you’ll break the ashtray trying to open it.

See that clutch pedal?  It’s stuck.  To free it will require removing the pedal box.  To remove the pedal box you have to disconnect some brake lines that will be stuck.  Your fingernails will get dirty from the fuzzy rust on everything on the underside.  You’re going to bust your knuckle bloody, twice.  When the pedal box finally comes free the tapered pin holding the clutch pedal to the shaft will be stuck. STUCK.  You might take the master cylinder apart, but the big nut on the end will be a level of stuck you’ve never experienced.  You will need a 50# vise with at least 6 12mm bolts holding it to a 600# steel table to hold the cylinder in, an acetylene torch to heat it up and a 10 foot breaker bar to bust it loose.  Then the inside will be all funky and at best need a re-sleeve in brass or stainless or some other metal.  You get the idea.  This whole car is going to challenge you like this.

I wonder if it turns over.  Pulling the head is easy enough -right Kip?  MacGuyver could have this thing running and make a get-away in minutes.

Well, it’s far from the worst and far from the best.


2 thoughts on “Market 382: Spider 1600 10123 379587 -true barn find!

  1. My roofer was the one that found this car. He was repairing a woman’s roof, and saw the car in her barn. She gave it to him, and he ate the $200 repair bill. Not a bad deal, huh? The rest is true. He sold it to the seller with the impression that the buyer (whom restores old alfa’s was going to do it himself. I think he sold it to him for around $4k.

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