Market 347: Another Spider 750D 04335

Update 2/14/12: The auction reached $17,000, stalled for a few days then was ended early -cancelled really, so no record of it’s listing is on eBay, the it was relisted.  I don’t really think it’s correct or complete enough the get much past (or even realistically see) $20,000 and they are hoping to get $24,750 out of it.

Update 2/4/12: This car has found its way onto eBay.  Same pictures, same etc.  Description calls it a daily driver.

Update12/16/12: Hard top is not an original.

Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*04335This car is available now from Beverly Hills Car Club for $26,500.  It’s a good looking car at first flush, but a lot is not original, incomplete and funky.  Would make a good non-originali starter car.

Red.  750D.  Decent paint.  105 Giulia wheels.  No rocker trim.  Meh.

Bright-work out front looks good.  Hood looks ajar or the gap is bigger than usual.  No wipers installed.

Looks like a factory hardtop.  Worth probably $3000.  Bumper is a 101 item from ’59 on.  A little chrome needs chroming.  Paint has some issues back here.

Seats look like the stuffing has gone out of them.  Floors are recently painted black.  Not a bad place to start, but not great either.  Lots to do.

00548 type engine.  1750?  Disk brake car master cylinder is incorrect.  Plastic fan is incorrect.  Odd spot for the coil.  Sort it out.

Lots of wetness.  Positive ID.

This is a testament to how interchangeable Alfa parts are.  Not much is as it was on this car and yet it looks okay and probably runs okay too.  Hard top is a definite plus, but doesn’t save this car from being a funky bitsa.


4 thoughts on “Market 347: Another Spider 750D 04335

  1. Rather than a “funky bitsa” this can properly called an overpriced POS.
    It does a dis-service to the Mark to refer to it as any particular Series or model year.
    Yes, it is a 1958 750 chassis, or was before they left out the main cross-member beneath the engine .. and the parking brakes!!!
    Stuffing a 1970 1750 engine into it might be an “upgrade” for some but it would help if they managed to fit it properly and in a straight alignment with the drivetrain.
    It’s apparent that this car was (poorly) re-assembled with 101 Giulia Spider parts – soft-top frame, seats (they didn’t even get them in the correct positions), brake reservoir, etc… And what happened to the windshield wipers ??
    I disagree that the hardtop is a factory original .. the minimal views of the hardware and the poorly fitted rear window sealing look like a used car shop botched repair on a fiberglass aftermarket top.
    This collection of parts could be a starting point for someone .. if it where priced more realistically at $16K.

    • I heartily agree, but try and maintain a more moderate negative tone to try and avoid sellers coming after me with undecipherable letters and the like.


      • The world we live in:
        When the fear of litigation supresses the Power of the Pen in telling the TRUTH !

      • That is a true, idealistically pure statement. But in practice it’s a more complicated thing than that. I prefer to operate carefully, knowing that our society puts business -especially corporate- rights before individual rights, and these entities have departments to detect litigiable slights of all description and budgets for litigation when detected -where I have neither. It would be easy to say “This piece of shit is worth $16,000 (when the asking is $26,500) because it’s blah blah blah…” and I may well get away with it since, as you say, it’s true, and this is arguably journalism, but I prefer to lead the reader to come to that conclusion on their own: “these things aren’t correct, this adds value, this detracts, this car over here is more correct but not shiny red and sold for $17,500 etc…”.

        I appreciate the sentiment, and appreciate you and a few others being the voice of reason, where I get a little over-enthusiastic sometimes. Keep up the TRUE comments!

        How about Market 349?

        How’s my carb?

        I guess it’s time to start closing with:

        Happy Holidays!

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