Market 384: Sprint Veloce Zagato 1493*06184 at auction

Update 5/30/12: Sold for 414,400 Euro’s, about $546,000!

2/13/12: Giulietta Sprint Veloce ‘Zagato’ 750E 1493*06184, 1315*30851.  This very interesting SVZ is going to be auctioned by RM in Monaco soon.  While most cars I write about are straight forward subjects, and anything I say should be taken as insightful mainly due to heavy exposure to the subject if nothing else, and as being typically off the cuff.   A car like this demands careful consideration and wording.  Why?  The genuine article -a Zagato re-bodied Sprint Veloce, that was re-bodied ‘back in the day’ i.e. the late 1950’s, is a very valuable car.  See this thread on the AlfaBB for some lengthy but enjoyable reading on the subject.  Interestingly, this car is listed as MIA since 1960.  It’s important to note that there was no search party out looking for it -it just stayed under the radar since then.  So, with a spirit of caution, I start, and will reserve my comments to ‘ooh’s and ahh’s’ once more.

That is one desire-able object!  Note squared off wheel openings.  Hood is a low as they could practically make it and still fit the engine.  Color scheme is bold -red headlining is fantastic.  Any significance to that license plate number? Wheels look to be period cast wheels -magnesium?  This is pretty close to the top of the Giulietta food-chain.

There is a reason these look a lot like the SZ -they were essentially the prototypes, but not really built as such.  Alfa planned for the SS to be the range topping racer, but it consistently got beat by these rebodied creations by Zagato.  Look how nicely they finished the transition from body to the underside of the car.  Tail lights are early Sprint items.  What’s that little round thing on the valence below the license plate?

Interesting they bothered with a jack.  Ah, the round thing I wondered about in the last picture is the trunk release button.  Look at the aluminum edging they put on the lower edge of the trunk opening.

These look like new items.  Is the airplane aluminum? 

These handles can be found on a lot of high-dollar cars.  You push the button and a handle pops out.  Tidy arrangement worth a tiny bit of drag coefficient savings.

Badge looks new.  I would rather see a patina’d original here, just to give an air of history.  Even their badge was cool.

Did they just take a regular grill and wrap it around something?  Finish on those grill surrounds is nice -very nice.

I think these are the real deal period wheels that are now impossible to find unless they come on a car.

Zagato really had an artistry about how they did things -these seats being a good example.  Could you make a neater looking seat and yet have it be lightweight and providing ample support for racing efforts?  Door pulls look like Fiat 600 items.  Dash looks lovely.


And then there’s this guy, whose fingerprints end up on cars like this back then, owing to his being able to squeeze the maximum HP out of the engines and having his name on a lot of race winners.

Nicely put together.  I wonder if it’s the original engine?   I know it will have the correct number…  Lot’s of careful attention to finish detail up here.  Would be nice to see the actual vin and engine stampings.

I don’t think this is an original build plate -font doesn’t look right.  Here’s a picture of an original.  Most of the time frivolities like the build plate were ignored in the effort to get the re-bodied car out the door and back on the track for the customer.

The good stuff. 

Well, I managed to get some opinions in there among the ooh’s.  Gino Giugno’s ‘Giulietta Sprint Veloce Zagato’ has several pages of images of this car from the late 1950’s and the car seen here really does look exactly like those pictures.  Where’s it been all these years?

Some SVZ’s I’ve tracked.  Read the last one carefully -I’ve found two of the same car!

SVZ 04045.

SVZ 06936.

SVZ 04458.


3 thoughts on “Market 384: Sprint Veloce Zagato 1493*06184 at auction

  1. I’ll agree with Brad there. Tipo 33, Giulia GTA only others that come close in my opinion. This SVZ is jaw-dropping. Great site!

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