Market 381: SS 177325 Retired Scuderia Del Portello race car

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*177325This car wears Milano plates and is available from Luzzago right now.  There are many pictures of it racing from 1987 – 1996, after which it was retired, set up for street use and apparently given somewhat of a restoration.  There is no asking price stated for this car.  Check out the link in the vin above -lots of pictures of this car racing1

There are a lot of pictures like this -blurry race shots that evoke days gone by and racing fun.  Fergats have a reputation for breaking under heavy use.  I wonder if this guy suffered any breaks?

And here it is today -spiffed up and ready for fun.  Those mirrors are interesting -they toe the line between retro-cool and too new.  Looks good.

Passenger door shut line is slightly off -or maybe just ajar.  Hood fits great though.

I could do this.  Not totally original but purposeful and clean.  Passenger door still looks a bit off.  They probably took it on and off a few times dealing with the roll cage.

This is exactly how an SS trunk should look.

Not much original in the upholstery up here, but it looks pretty good despite.  All I would change is getting rid of the tan piping.  Rear view mirror is a throw-back to its racing days.

Third car in a row with no cold air box or filter.  Foam hood underlay is interesting.  Not too bad as far as ex-racers goes.

I predicted we’d see more SS race cars retired and returned to the street not too long ago and here I have proof.  I still haven’t figured out whether having been raced adds or detracts.  I guess it depends on you, the buyer.


4 thoughts on “Market 381: SS 177325 Retired Scuderia Del Portello race car

  1. Dear,

    can you give me support of this car ? have you any idea how match you can pay for a car like this?
    I want to buy a Giulleitta SS in good condition I look for a with or gris example or maybe a nice red one.
    Any one the sell his SS I’m you person.

    kind regerds,

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