Market 380: restored Sprint Zagato in Italy

Giulietta Sprint Zagato.  Sharing warehouse space with yesterdays SZCT in Italy, and also on offer on Autoscout is this very clean Sprint Zagato.  Asking price is €300,000, a lot of money for a little car, but these have always been 2 to 3 times the cost of a Sprint Veloce Lightweight, so maybe comparatively speaking they have lost a little ground.  Not enough of these change hands to form a basis for a sound cost analysis, so the money has to be relative to your ability to buy it.  As with yesterdays SZCT, I’m far form expert so will reserve my commentary to appreciation for design -always a safe ground to stand on with Zagato products of the 50’s and 60’s.

A very potent race car in its day.  Short, low and light.  Zagato had a head start on the design since they had converted crashed cars into Sprint Veloce Zagato’s for customers, with the final iterations being VERY similar in appearance to the Alfa sanctioned SZ seen here.  Period alloy wheels?

Headlights look big.  No vents to decompress the engine compartment -maybe internal?

Nothing extra on these cars.  Most people seem to prefer the backside of these over the CT.

What’s your preference?  I believe the CT is a little lower of roof too.  Amazing that Zagato were able to shift gears on a ‘production’ car to make the changes resulting in the CT.  Talk about agility.  Guy in the background is posing I think.

Door pulls are light Fiat 600 items in these I think.  Everything I said about the CT interior applies to these too.  Simple, effective, elegant.

Clean gauges.  I like the ‘knob – toggle – knob – toggle’ arrangement on the dash.

As with the CT -presentable and potent.  Did any of these have proper airboxes?

Take two – they’re small!!


4 thoughts on “Market 380: restored Sprint Zagato in Italy

  1. Witness the trouble Alfa went through to design an effective cold-air intake plumbing system for its road-going Veloces, yet these two are left to breathe hot air! Good question, whether these came with “trumpets” from the factory. What about TZs? Weight savings?

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