Market 379: Sprint Zagato Coda Tronca in Italy

Giulietta Sprint Zagato ‘Coda Tronca’.  Elmar sent me a link to this car on Autoscout, for sale out of Italy for €270,000.  They made about 200 SZ’s, the last handful of which were ‘Coda Tronca’ (CT is how I abbreviate it other places) with the Kamm tail.  I have no authority to say anything about these cars, so will keep the commentary to a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’.  Anyone know the VIN of this car?

A handsome critter.  Note they figured out how to incorporate a wind deflector into the hood.  I wonder if it also provides pressure relief for the engine compartment like the louvers on an SS hood?  Helps keep the front end from getting light at speed.  That nose is like a big egg; white, bulbous and extremely fragile.  No parallel parking allowed in a car like this.

I’m not a fan of the stripes, but I do get the concept.  To me they just busy up a sublime design.  Zagato knew what they were doing.

This is one of those features that takes some coming around to.  Most fantasy cars drawn in the margins of children’s homework don’t have a chopped off flat tail.  Pictures don’t do it justice -it really works in person.

Fish-eye is expecially the opposite of flattering.  I’m sure most women would strictly prohibit the publication of a picture of them with a similar composition.  Compare these minimal window frame/trims to those found on your Sprint Bertone Regulare.

Zagato interiors always have an pleasing austerity born of the directive to save weight, secure the driver, be buildable by hand in small numbers and provide instrumentation.

I’ve been experimenting with wrinkle finish on some Glas GT and Lancia Appia components.  This must represent a proper spray gun technique.

A Sprint 1300 is not a slow car.  A Sprint Veloce is even less slow.  Lose some weight, add some compression and you get an even less slow car.  This all looks great -purposeful and tidy.



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