Market 378: Spider 750D 00073

Update:  Seems this car got a bit of a thrashing on the AlfaBB (thanks Alejandro for pointing me to the thread).  There is a lot of (earned) mistrust around the workmanship done to old cars in Mexico, stating of the obvious in the incompleteness and non-originality arena, etc etc- I say, and try to practice, keep the criticism constructive, we’re talking about a cool car that WILL change hands at some point soon.  If you don’t like the asking price and ARE an interested party, give the seller a call.  If you aren’t an interested party and don’t like the asking price -laugh about it, shake your head or bring it up at your next car club meeting, but avoid public disparaging.  I’ve written about the sale of several.  Regarding cars out of Mexico -I think it bears looking at them each as individuals. Is it really any different than the variety of repairs you see on older driver cars coming on the market anywhere else?  I’ve seen lots of funky seats in Spiders right here in the US of A.  Scott, I think it’s time for more/better pictures, a very well considered and researched eBay listing -I’ll help if you want.  
Giulietta Spider 750D 1495*00073, 1315*46822 (not original).  Scott sent me some questions about this car yesterday and I ended up agreeing to list it for him here.  00073, an early 1956 built car, is one of the earlier chassis numbers I’ve listed (I think 00007 and 00033 are the only earlier ones) so if you’re into having an early chassis number, this might be for you.  Car came out of Mexico and has the typical for that area incorrect repairs done with an eye toward keeping it on the road over the dark ages of Giulietta parts availability.  It doesn’t appear to be rusty, but only thorough pictures, or inspection in person will say whether or not it is or has had any repairs.  Car has been stored for a few years, last driving in 2008 or 9.  Asking price is now $21,999.  If it really is as rust free as it appears, and can easily be made to run, this is a good deal, since the only work you need to do is swapping out incorrect parts, or refinishing stuff, as it suits you, while you drive it.

If you’re interested, email me at sprints @ and I’ll put you in touch with the owner.  Car is in Laredo Texas.

The first impression of the body is good.  Door fits very well, the nose and trim all look to fit well too.  Those bumpers look weird to me; over riders are too tall and the bumpers extend farther around the car than I am used to.  Maybe an early car thing, may be something else.

Unfortunately this is the best picture of the back of the car I got.  Tail lights are early 101 Spider items circa 1960.  Paint looks uniformly good.  Not sure what the extra hole in the lid is for.

Probably tried to install a make-shift lock.

101 head, 105 valve cover.  Strange wiring routing.  Will an early 101 head work on a 750 block?  Never really thought about it.

Exhaust manifold is correct.  101 or later water pump.  Coil is in the wrong place.  Detail details details…

The vin.  Pretty good paint for a firewall…

Odd bracing in the trunk lid, not unlike car 00007.  I don’t have very many pictures of the undersides of trunk lids on early cars in my collections.

Interior is the farthest thing from original on this car.  Mirror is a later 101 item, worth more than an original 750 item due to it’s complexity and not having been reproduced.  Nice add-on signal stock.  Dash edging could easily be made wrinkle-finish.  Steering wheel isn’t bad, but the original is such a nice item, it’s too bad to replace it.

Not sure where these came from.  Probably the biggest expense to approach originality will be finding a pair of the early seats with the fixed passenger side mounting.  Bear in mind, all the stuff I’ve critiqued is just unbolt the wrong part, bolt on the right part with a little cash lubricant in between.

Tunnel case transmission?  It’s a tunnel case shift lever… Get that modern radio out of there.  I wonder where the speakers are.  Is that the tach or Speedometer cable?

A correct carpet set in black is not expensive.

Some very arly Spiders had rolled lip Fergats, not this car.

This is the underside of the cross member -that square thing is a jacking part.  I’ve seen several of these cars where this was all the rust the car had (and a few where it was just part of the program).  Go check it out if you’re worried.

Under the drivers seat.  This area looks solid enough.

Can’t tell much from this either.

What’s that spacer for?  Head looks good from this view.

Those floor contours are original. 

Okay, so overall I think the car is pretty solid.  It may have some odd rust -anyone serious about it would want to get pictures of the rockers inside and out, as well as decent pictures of the trunk corners.

All the non-original-ness could probably be corrected for a reasonable amount of money if the new owner was so inclined.  I think a pair of Spider seats, door panels and a carpet set in black would do wonders for this car.  The engine compartment needs mostly tidying, and maybe a 750 head at some point if it matters.

Fantasy Junction would be asking $60,000 for this car with the right parts swapped in -and if how quickly they’ve been selling Giulietta’s recently is any indication, it wouldn’t take long to sell.


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