Market 330: exclusive Giulietta SS project

Update 2/5/12:  This car has sold to an enthusiast in the states.  Stay tuned for more interesting Giulietta’s for sale.

Update 1/15/12: This car remains unsold.  The seller is ready to put it on eBay, where I think it will do better than his asking price.  This is your last chance to buy before it goes on eBay.

Update 10/27/11: I heard from the seller that he has had some strong offers.  If you are interested in the car and are moving at a pre-internet pace deciding if it’s the project for you, you might want to light a fire under yourself.  I doubt a matching number early Giulietta SS with all it’s pieces is going to come on the market in project form at this price for a long while.

10/18/11: Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00381.  Another exclusive.  This SS is available now out of the North East for offers around $27,000.  Seller says it’s complete with original 00120 engine, seats, glass etc.  Not a bad deal for the DIY restorer.  Get it now or pay the dealer tax!  Contact me for the sellers email at sprints @

I wish I started here with my first SS project!  Nose has a little bend, drivers fender top has a dent.  Not too bad really.

Nice combo of red and white.  Both front bumper bracket tubes are in good shape.  Shame about the bumped nose.  I’ve seen (and owned) much worse.

Very straight rear end.  Trunk fit is excellent.

Tire looks a little low on air.

This ones holding air though.

This is about as easy as rust repair gets -so long as this is as far as it goes.

And the other side.  I’ve seen the underside -it’s very clean.

Solid floors.

Tasty SS bits.

More tasty bits.

And a positive ID.

If you’ve been fancying an SS project all your own to fix up yourself -with only minor pro help (body and paint come to mind) then this may be your car.  I stalled listing it hoping something would happen that would allow me to try and buy it but alas -not to be.

Engine is untouched original 00120 -probably worth $12,000 on it’s own.  You know you want it…


8 thoughts on “Market 330: exclusive Giulietta SS project

  1. hello,
    I’m Leonardo from Italy.
    I would have to sell the two SS front and rear hoods, original, and the two windows and rear window. All original material

    Best regards

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