Market 377: SS 00158 in Portugal

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120*00158, 00120*00518.  Henrick sent me a note alerting me to this cars presence on Anamera.  It looks to be a pretty well maintained car, with an especially nice, mostly original looking interior.  Asking price is a reasonable €38,000 -well, reasonable if the underside of the car looks as good as the rest!  Always interesting to see a car surface that’s not on my register -I’m at 110 Giulietta Sprint Speciales on my register -that’s approaching 10% of production surviving.

I like cars in a blue so dark it looks black.  Paint looks good, trim and all is right for a nice driver.

Portuguese are proud folks with their big chrome ‘P’ emblems.  More ‘lookin good’ back here.  Bertone knew how to put  a car together!

Tail lights look like the crappy repro’s on the market right now.  I have gotten perfect Carello repro’s made in the past -may do so again in the future.  Unremarkable trunk.

Some polishing could be done -but I think the interior looks great.  Blue carpet usually has blue edging.  Nice clean gauge faces.

Wash bottle is a later VDO unit.  Interesting that it has a glove box door.  Seats and the corner of the door panel look good.

No airbox?  Correct intake manifold at least.  Blue valve cover is annoying.  Should at least be wrinkle finish.

Maybe they stamped the engine number on the early ones?  The font isn’t correct here -They didn’t have the Serif at the bottom of the numbers on factory stampings.  Numbers are plausible though.

I expect this will sell pretty quickly.  There hasn’t been a runner driver SS in good shape for less than $50,000 in a while.


4 thoughts on “Market 377: SS 00158 in Portugal

  1. I wonder if Bertone stamped the Sprint Speciale chassis numbers on the trunk lip in the same way they did the GTs. It’d be one way to verify the chassis number.

    • That’s 110 Giulietta SS’s on the SS register page -I haven’t counted the Giulia’s in a while -I think it’s about 125. So the total is about 235 which is approaching 10%.


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