Not sure I’ve shown this picture before.  I stopped in my local Giant Burger for a quick meal and couldn’t resist the photo op.  This is why it’s scary to drive a Sprint as your daily car.  I am happy to see sense returning to the roadways with the proliferation of Fiat 500’s, the new Honda CRX update CRZ, the Scion IQ and others -maybe a day approaches where the Sprint will be the big car int he picture…

Either one of those cars could door ding me on my roof line!  Melee sticker has been removed but a bunch of paint came with it (insert frown).

So I’m working on a big super-secret feature for the site that I hope to launch later this Spring and haven’t had much time to comb the classifieds, so if you see a car for sale that I haven’t written about (or your not sure) drop me a line.

Last, I still have some S, XL and XXL shirts if anyone is interested.


5 thoughts on “De-evolution

  1. Matt

    Good pic–showing the difference in size. My Sprint is now running–like the third day nice enough for a drive.

    My Spider feels really vulnerable on the freeways and the Sprint feels much more secure–at least around town.



  2. I once hauled a load of trash to the dump in my brothers CONY 360 utility truck, when a friend pulled in in his garbage truck.
    The Cony was the length of the garbage trucks dual axles and about the same height as its tires
    With a load of seven hundred pound the Cony weighted in at about 2100 lbs.
    The garbage truck was over 40k lbs.
    I had never felt so small before but we got a good laugh out of it.
    A person can never take too many photos. I wish I had a pic of them parked together.

    Happy Motoring!

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