Mystery Giulietta Sprint

I got an email from reader Joe about this car with some question marks.  Anyone recognize this car”  It’s a new one for me.  Has some cues from Pininfarina.

Don’t hate me, but it looks a bit like the bastard child of a 330 GTC and an Austin America… Anyone recognize this?


9 thoughts on “Mystery Giulietta Sprint

  1. Look closely, you’ll see the PininFarina badge on the front fender. If you consider the proportions- wheelbase to body, especially where the door opening occurs, this looks larger than a 1600; maybe could be based on a 2600? Rear 3/4 view (taillights, A-pillar angle, side glass, fastback profile) smells a little like MGB-GT (coupe body also designed early ’60’s by PF). Could be a showcar for one of the smaller annual Euro shows mid-sixties.

  2. Ciao,
    this is giulietta Sprint Bertone prototyp for new Giulietta’s serie.
    You can find more info and photo in my book Curiosalfa, Fucina editore
    Stefano Salvetti

  3. It’s a Giulietta Sprint bodied in the “Carrozzeria Bertone”
    and designed by Giorgetto Giuigiaro to define the new Giulia sprint GT

  4. I’d guess more like Bertone than Pininfarina. The forward section has a similarity to a FIAT 124 .. the rear end to that of a FIAT 8V.

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