Market 376: Sprint 750E 04239 in Japan

Giulietta Sprint 750E 1493*04239, 1315*30449.  This car is listed on Antea Cars out of Japan.  I haven’t had the opportunity to write about very many lightweights, but they all seem to be this color so far.  Car is in great shape -only really lacking in the originality dept, and only minorly, but nothing a few bucks wouldn’t cure.  It is described as having been restored in Japan, which is probably a good thing.  Enthusiastic, detail oriented folks if the few genuine articles I’ve met were a representative sample.  I wonder if this car did anything race-wise back in the day…Did these have little market lights?  I like this color, but is it lighter in pictures than in person?  In the Coup Des Alps footage it’s a little darker looking  Body is in very nice shape.

Would be neat to see one of these ripping around your neighborhood.  Are those 165 series tires? 

I think these are later style tail lights -like 1960 era Spider.  Rear bumper, ‘airplane’ and other bits should be aluminum.

Did they originally paint or undercoat the trunks in lightweights?  Seems like a shame to shoot 5 pounds of undercoating on a car that needs to be as light as possible, and won’t survive long enough to rust.

I never weighed the winder mechanism I had kicking around my shop for years, but it was heavy -as was the glass.  I just scored a nice set of door panels and carpets in blue for my car.  Time to start the transition.  Of course, then I have to paint it…

The stuff.  Note shift lever is early style that bends up slightly.  What’s the switch below the toggles for?  I really want an early Sprint…

There appear to be modern relays in here.  Intake manifold and carbs are probably quite nice at speed etc, but when the hood is popped, one wants to see DCO3’s and the complicated water pipe set up.

If anyone catches a price, let me know.  Good stuff this!


4 thoughts on “Market 376: Sprint 750E 04239 in Japan

  1. Yes, I owned this and the ex Johnny Wallwork car *4637* with original motor, which did have plenty of history, & which also eventually went to Japan.
    When I sold, I was told they went to Italy, it’s about 30 years ago.
    It’s a while ago but I seem to recall some confusion over chassis numbers either the plate was wrong or more likely Thompson & Taylors records were wrong, giving it as *4293* it was a UK car.
    Used in UK club racing possibly other stuff too. When I bought it there was no engine although the rest was quite original, but green, complete but needing restoration, at least it got saved at a time when the odd sprint was still getting scrapped as happened to several other lightweights here in UK.
    Only about 17 were officially sold here, others came in as private imports but not many.
    For me the deal left a bad taste as I ended up being owed 25% of the agreed price!
    Sorry no photos of it, lost on various house moves.

  2. I should add there was absolutely no question this was a genuine lightweight with most of the original alloy fittings, small lights, doors seats, big tank, handbrake mechanism etc. just original engine was missing. no bumpers.
    The Wallwork car was amazingly complete even down to alloy headlight buckets & other stuff I’ve forgotten at the moment, but original sand cast carbs & engine.

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