Market 375: Sprint shell 750B 07103

Giulietta Sprint 750B 1493.07103.  This car is on Craigslist out of Pittsburgh PA.  It’s rough -really rough, and incomplete, and rusty.  Was raced SCCA production G.  This will probably be the cheapest Sprint of 2012…

Sprints always look optimistic to me, something about the shape of the grill openings or shape of the headlight area.  Does it come with doors?

Bluette car?  That guy doesn’t look very impressed.

This is what he’s looking at in the picture above.  Not very impressive, except in the negative.

Hey George -two Borrani’s, one Fergat, one 14″ 105 wheel, an almost complete non-matching set.

It’s like when someone with one tooth opens their mouth wide.  Nothing to see here, move along.

Lots to do back here.  Trunk lid?  WYSIWYG?

Weird view this.  Steeringwheel doesn’t look half bad!

Oops – there is a crack in the wheel -nothing some bowling-ball repair resin can’t fix.

$2500?  I doubt it…


5 thoughts on “Market 375: Sprint shell 750B 07103

  1. This car came from Florida by way of Long Island and then central New York to….. My parents “obtained” the car some time in the mid seventies. We brought it with us from Long Island when wee moved to the Finger Lakes in 1979. It sat in our barn till some time around 2004 when I handed it off to a friend with some other cars to sell. I know he sold it but I had no idea where it went. I still have the welded rear that car in the car up in my barn. I was a rather surprised to open the link and see it. Talk about ghosts of Christmas past.

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