Market 374: Giulietta SS racer in Italy

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 10120, 00120.  This unknown SS is for sale out of Italy for €35,000.  It has the road-racer treatment that seems to get applied to cars that need restoration work to gloss over their short-comings -though this example looks to have been used on the track some.  These are valuable enough that cars like this one will enter an original-ification program before long.

Looks decent.  Paint on the hood barely matches that on the rest of the car.  Picture it without the decals or ‘cage and it could be a decent event car.  Sorry -I’m not a fan of a bunch of stickers all over a car like this.

Not a fan of those rubber lid latches -they belong on Toyota 4×4’s.  Remove that, the sticker and tow hook, put  a bumper on it and you have a respectable rear end.

It’s not a ’69 GTV, so I’m not sure how I feel about this -I am leaning towards no.  Paint quality is mediocre on this car if it all looks like this.

This just needs tidying.  I’d get some SZ replica seats if I couldn’t find any originals.  Steering wheel looks okay.

Big plastic VDO washer bag is practical if you run in the rain often.  Interesting breather-to-overflow arrangement.  Lot’s of flat black overspray in here.

If anyone catches a vin, or gets more pictures -let me know!


1 thought on “Market 374: Giulietta SS racer in Italy

  1. I agree that all the stickers and removed items make race prepped cars look less attractive. On the other hand, cars were always prepped like that, and Alfas were always racing. I don’t know if there is any alternative to the rubber lid-latches that is in conformity with current safety regulations? Leather straps would look good, but are not that easy to untie. It might be a shame to ruin a good original Giulietta with race modifications, but building on an already “spoilt” car is ok I think.

    I have thought about having my Sprint resprayed, since the current paintwork is scratched and makes the car look a bit scruffy. However, since it is a rally car any new paint will immediately get scratched again as soon as we head out on the Swedish gravel roads. So, would it really be worth it?
    By the way, does anyone have any information about two tone colored cars? I’ve seen Giulietta Sprints in old photos from the Mille Miglia in two tone paint schemes, but those photos are in black and white …

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